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  1. Any one got a guide on how to remove the rear seat bench (ie where you bum sits not the upright) for a 2013 estate. Little darling managed to fill the back of the car with vomit and while i think i got it all cleaned up it would be good to know how to whip it out to clean under neath in case i missed any and its starts to whiff. Already had to whip out the centre arm rest on the backseat as it was down when they vomited. Cheers
  2. Just to follow up, The light cluster was easy to change. Unclip electrical connector, undo 3 nuts (10mm i think) and slide the cluster off. Fitting is the reverse EXCEPT on the side of the car where the front of the cluster would be there is a knob/clip that the light cluster had to slide onto to positively locate it. Thanks to Kingo for supplying the light cluster, it even came with indicator bulb already fitted so just unplug one and fit the other.
  3. HI Folks, Anyone know how easy or hard it is to change the rear lights clusters on a t27 tourer? Looks like i need might to change the drivers side rear cluster (body mounted not the ones in the boot), as the missus tells me some one has cracked it. Im guessing, unclip the electrics, undo 2/3 nuts, and just slide off? Any other clips that need to be undone? Just want to get some idea before i get back and look at it in a few days. Cheers
  4. Estate or saloon? Either way go have a look at the thule website and their car finder and it will tell you there. If it was estate and your passing south anytime soon ive got a set of thule feet for an avensis estate with rails for sale.
  5. Raistlin thanks for the link but I cant see both types of mat there unless im having a blond moment. Heidfirst thank for that mat option didn't know I could get something like that.. Like you when I use the boot its going to be full and I need a mat to protect the boot from all my kit and soon to be baby paraphernalia. And shame no the car is a new T27 2l d4d nothing as exotic asT27 t180 Ive only had it a few days and hadn't got round to update profile. Ive not had the T180 for over a yr now been using the wifes 1.4auris when ive needed to perfect for town and short drives. But the T27 is nicer to drive then either of those but I do miss the power of the t180 right foot always equalled smile
  6. Any one got any pics of the toyota bootliner for the T27 estate looking for the with and without boot rails types? Also any one who has the larger boot liner (ie not the smaller with rails one) can you tell me if it goes in to the corners and if so do the dividers on either side still fit? im guessing either around or on top of the mat. I need to get a boot liner and my new T27 has got boot rails and im trying to work which works better for me ie whether to get the smaller boot liner that fits between the rails or just get the larger one.
  7. Speaking from experince and a lot bother with a windscreen. Auto glass will use the cheapest OEM window they can looks like its still shatterprufe. From my experince its nothing like the actual orignal glass. Make sure you take pics/note down all the window markings on your current windows incase you have any problems (fingers crossed you wont) I had the window on my t180 crack and had it changed via insurance and autoglass, I was insistant i didnt want an oem window (had problems before) but got a shurfprufe one. Yep made in SA. Had problems from the get go cabin noise increased significantly (had to turn radio up by 5) and the window colour was off and the window wasnt as strong and self destructed 3 weeks after fitting. 10inch crack in the fritz area (the black bit around the edge of a window) on a really cold but bright morning (-17c). I got lots of guff that the window was the same as fitted orginally by Mr T etc. Lots of digging later, not made by the same company or even same country. One kicked up fuss later and insurance company instructed auto glass to get an "original window" from Mr T and fit (as i had orignally asked for). Colour and noise levels were corrected instantly and from the markings everything matched that the replacement came from the same factory as the orginal. if you want to check out where the glass is from there was some useful details here: last time I looked. For autoglass it was all about cost I think a shatteprufe window cost 200 orignal Mr T cost 690 or that order or magnitude difference. Regards
  8. Or if someone remembered to get it changed with the dvla when the engine was changed. But as for phsyically cant tell you where on the engine block it is. How come you need to check?
  9. I would check to see what window autoglass has fitted. Most likely it is a generic oem window that they will claim is the same as toyota fit. Im my experince it isnt. Best thing to do is find a new avensis in a deal and check out the window codes/ manufacturer detials on it and if it doesnt match your then its not a toyota one and most likely the generic rubbish. See here for details on car window markings: With those links you could work out where the toyota glass and where the autoglass comes from. Im my experince autoglass fitted a Surglass(spelling?) replacement even tho i specifically asked for a toyota one through insurers. Could tell instantly that is was poorer quality due to the cabin noise levels had to turn the radio up 5 levels and couldnt have a converstion to a front seat passenger on the motorway. Kicked up a fuss with autoglass and insurance and they were both being reticent. Lucky a week after fitting, minus 15c plus some morning sunshine combined to put a massive foot long+ crack along the bottom fritz (black edging of a window). Kicked up a bigger fuss due to replacement being rubbish and knowing where the windows were made and where toyota branded windows were made I got a toyota one fitted and not had any problems since. Autoglass want to use there oem one as it is cheaper lots cheaper for them something i was told something like £250 ish compared to a toyota one of over £700. Hope you can get it sorted. its a pain loosing time to some one else cutting corners.
  10. Red no worries mate, you are a mod and its thankless task and I would have probably done the same in your postion. I didnt know the full extent of the rules and you high lighted them to me. I dont have a problem with that. Ive had and given worse <the spuds of lurrrrvve>ings and I saw your post as you say above, ie pointing out the rules. So back on topic before Mistermena trys to tell me bg44 will sort out a price ;) and clean out my egr at the same time.
  11. Pete Thank you for your support and Red yaris sorry if I inadvertantly broke the forums rules it wasnt my intention. I am fully aware of the Tocs view that only paid members can advertise their wears for sale (I know some have feelings on that but its not my intention to discuss them now) but was unaware of the section on valuation of personal goods. I hoped I had made it clear that I am looking to sell and not actually selling the car yet or trying to advertise it. I had hoped to garner the opinions of other poeple who are toyota owners/enthusiast who might have bought/ sold recently or even those that are in the trade that would have a better idea of prices. As it happens I did check glass and parkers for a price and a number of other places too which i mentioned which has led to my confusion over prices due to a very large range and hence asking for others opinions on here. Maybe in hind sight i should have depersonalised the question by neglecting to mention it was mine and was going to sell it, but then i feel would have lacked context which is something I require when answering a question. regards Simon
  12. Simple question really. I am about to sell my T180 estate and have been looking around at other T180s to gauge the price. Now I kow the market will only stand for what ever a seller is willing to pay for, but there seems to be hardly any T180 estate around at the moment to get a comparision against. When i checked auto trader only got 6 for the country and nothing in the local papers or at dealers, ive checked a few sales guides and got everything from 7-12k. So what what do people here think is an average price for T180 estate in a good condition? 57k on the clock. And for those that will ask why am I selling it, a change of jobs means I no longer need a car for work/commuting and with other cars in the house its hard to justify keeping it. Even though the car is awesome :(
  13. Theres very little you can spay in to airintake that will clean the egr as its post combustion in the engine so anything going in will get burn up. Why do want to clean the egr on your 1.4d as its not a usual issue with this car? IF you yo do want to clean the egr then you take it off the car and clean it with a brush/vaccum cleaner watching out for the dust, and with the use of a carb cleaner. Do a seach on here there is probably a guide to it. Also spraying carb cleaner in to the airside of the engine ie by the airfilter can damage your vehicle in some circumstances. If you want to clean the MAF that is in the air intake then electrical contact cleaner is usually used.
  14. Mistermena if Heidfirst isnt interested let me know I could take them off your hands. Just to check are they to fit your t180 /T25 avensis? I could do with a second set to stick some winter tyres on. If they were 16"s I would have bitten your hand off. Cant find a set of reasonably priced 16" wheels for the avensis anywhere. Ive got 17" fitted but have been looking for a set of 16" so I can fit some snow chains on as and when I visit the inlaws during the winter in the back of beyond. But a set of 17" with winter tyres would be better then my current set up. Just hope it would be enough if not atleast its safer normal driving.