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  1. If its the big ends it will rattle like hell at one specific rev range, usually around 2-3K, rev it and let off... see what it does, if on the way down it sound like the cranks about to fall out... its the big ends :( Same happened to mine, only advice is catch it quick... i thourouly destroyed mine, which scrapped the whole bottom end of my engine... not funny
  2. SMiFFAD

    Safc II

    To answer your original question YES, i believe there's NO learn mode, they need setting up on a RR... as they affect your fueling not somthing your can just twiddle and try by driving around.... im gonna get one one day... SX is appauling at controlling its own fueling.. its like a kid ina sweet shop, "oooh fuel.... scoff it"
  3. FOR A GREAT MR2 SLEEPY EYES KIT GO TO <WATCH ME TRY AND SPAM THE SITE LIKE A LOSER!> FOR A GREAT MR2 SLEEPY EYES KIT GO TO ......... my garage and make one myself you fool :P Lord, nearly a year on and the thread comes back to life :) i dont even have the exhaust anymore
  4. SMiFFAD

    MR2 Or TIGRA

    yes front wheel drive.. but NOT ford.. vauxhall Oh yeah, see everyone would get it confused with puma's :P EVEN WORSE.... its an OPAL
  5. Oh goody goody... looking forward to that now As for the SX/MR2 argument, mines an s14 so has more horses than an s13, and me mate with a tubby was going full bore to keep up with me on saturday B) S13's are pretty much the same power as NA's out of the box, hard to get over 200bhp, so im not surprised you had him PLUS, i like going sideways, with the possibility of not spinning around in circles, so the SX is perfect... plus its cheaper to insure than the mr2 :o
  6. Currently: - 109 landrover (in many many pieces at the mo) - MK11 MR2 - soon to be in pieces so i can get it running again - '96 200sx - usually being taken apart and re-assebled slightly differently
  7. SMiFFAD

    MR2 Or TIGRA

    Arnt tigras scrabble wheel drive too? Against: - scrabble - ford - look ming - ford - american rust bucket For: - urm :P
  8. LOL you lot bite easily Pulsar.... off the line i should think it would have an mr2, being 4x4 they dont have to worry about tracktion much.... should think the mr2 would then catch up due to the pulsars 100000000% transmission loss I have two mates, one had a 340bhp pulsar, the other a 240bhp mr2T... MR2 beat the Pulsar once they were going. I looked at them a while ago, but came to the conclusion it would bore me to tears, i like RWD fun too much ;) As for the looks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so arguing about its pretty pointless ;) Myself i think they look ok, not a thing of eligance like the 2, but has a certain gurr appeal. Do like the GTIR engines though, cos its near identical to the one in my sx B) didnt know the R used the GTI gearbox though, would explain why they are so fragile.... Each to their own though.....
  9. I did/have..... but I still have to fix the mr2...... ;) I am one of them 2 car familys at the moment (for those that missed it i broke it chasing a tubby round castle combe )
  10. As it says on the tin really..... how easy is it, bearing in mind 2 engines, both on the floor not in a car, one with dead water pump, one with dead crank shells :o .....swapping them over and making one decent one.... hopefully.... Any forseeable problems?
  11. Turbo did cross my mind, but i was about to sell her for someut else anyway.... so plan is to get going again and sell her as planned Matt, you have pm B)
  12. Swap problems with you Was having a blinding day untill this happened, nearly lapped a GTS skyline, ans was keeping up with my mates turbo mr2..... then noticed drop in power so came off the track, and them the rattle started Am sooooooooo impressed at how the mr2 handled though, and its a rev 1 Just need an engine now
  13. Hello, anyone know of a good place to get a replacement engine......? Had a slight fooobar with mine at castle combe at the weekend resulting in it being, well, in need of TLC, and i recon it will be quicker and easier to do an engine swap that faff about fixing this one...... Dont say Rouge cos i dont have that sort of money :( Any help greatly recieved.
  14. Mines for sale, but im not what you would call local to you :P
  15. SMiFFAD

    Mr2 Sub Box

    LOL stop stirring :D The Box has been sold B) The sub remains but unless offered good money ill keep it for the new car Cheers for the interest.
  16. SMiFFAD

    Mr2 Sub Box

    As it says above, i want £20 just for the box.... Crawley is J10 off the M25 (onto M23) about 1/2 hour from m3/m25 junction on a good day.... Someone has first dibbs on it at the moment, awaiting a reply ;)
  17. SMiFFAD

    Mr2 Sub Box

    As im selling my MR2, i have the sub box up for grabs, carpeted in black, hole for an 8" sub, but obviously it can be made bigger to fit 10", think you struggle to get a 12" in there......(said the vicar to the nun :P ) £20 for JUST the box, or make me an offer and ill put the 8" sub back in, which is unmarked as new B) (The moose does not come with it ;) ) Being quite a solid lump will cost a lot to post (which you will have to cover), so would be better if someone would pick it up if they wanted it, im in CRAWLEY, W.Sussex most of the time, but in wilts occationally if thats closer.
  18. Urmunumununmum..... Off the top of my head, its only been on since xmas, so £225... not a clue what posting it would cost but should imagine not cheap... as its not a light hunk of stainless!
  19. At the moment they are either going with the car or to a mate.... If i "standardise" it the zorst/filter/lazy eye kit will be up for grabs. B)
  20. SMiFFAD


    Bit of both.... wanna go on the track so has to be sub 100DB, but should have a presence at high revs ;) possible a nice rumble low down.
  21. No probs mate, post up asap though before i attack it with spanners if you want it modded Wont have a chance to start swapping bits till sunday though B)
  22. Get in quick if you want it, as of this weekend it will probably be near standard again, have had good offers on several bits n bobs, so will make it standard and wack it on autotrader.... last chance for a tidy NA with nice mods...... Basically wheels, zorst, filter will be going separatly......
  23. Get in quick if you want it, as of this weekend it will probably be near standard again, have had good offers on several bits n bobs, so will make it standard and wack it on autotrader.... last chance for a tidy NA with nice mods......
  24. Nope, moose goes onto the next one :P Fappin Mc donalds toys....
  25. Piccys and a bit of info Oh, and its got a cat 1 auto watch alarm, with two fobs..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND has just had new front pads put in B)
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