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  1. I bought a new battery from my local Toyota dealer - cost me a tad over £80 (including VAT) with no fitting - but the RAC man said that it was a fair deal.
  2. Tyler

    Flashing Sensor

    Hi Bodgit-fixit-run Many thanks for your advice. The alarm is now sorted. Very much appreciated.
  3. For what it's worth, according to my handbook it says not to let the fuel go below 1/4 tank.
  4. Many thanks to you all re my battery problem. I have bought a new one after the RAC man came round to start the car and told me the old one was a border line case. But, now I have a problem with the alarm system and an extra flashing sensor that never flashed before. If I use the alarm it goes off on its own accord whenever it wants to so I have to lock the doors by the key, not the blipper thereby turning the alarm off. Anyway the Toyota garage want the car in all day to have a look! Another bill I fear. Although the RAV is a lovely car, what ever happened to the joys of motoring when all you needed was a spanner and a pair of stockings in case you broke down?
  5. Hi, Can anyone please offer me some advice on this one? I have just put a new battery on my RAV4-D4D (diesel) VX (2002) and since then (Sunday) I cannot lock the doors with the key blipper as the alarm goes off after a while. So, I have to go round the car everytime and lock the doors one by one. The key only locks the driver's door, front passenger door and the boot door. Also, there is another flashing sensor just near the cup holder and I cannot find out what this does. It also flashes all the time when the key blipper is used - it never did before! Anyway, the garage wants it in ALL DAY to check it out! I just cannot believe that putting a new battery on means the car being in the garage for a day. Am I being ripped off? I have not re-programmed the dashboard clock since putting the battery on. Will this have any effect? What is this other sensor near the cup holder. I have never seen it flash before. Would appreciate any enlightenment.
  6. Can anyone recommend suitable jump leads and battery charger for a RAV 4-D4 (Diesel). The jump leads I used on Saturday morning are no better than my washing line! I also need a decent battery charger. Someone did mention a trickle charger but where would I get one of these from (in North Essex)? Ta very much
  7. Tyler


    Many thanks to you for your advice. I, too, thought that it may have been the condensation on the inside from the short trip from the Railway Station to home. I will heed your advice and pull out all the stops and put the cold air on - and an extra vest! Once again, thank you.
  8. Tyler


    Hi one and all, Can anybody shed some light on my predicament? Due to a frosty morning, the outside of the windscreen was frozen so my hubbie duly sprayed it with de-icer. However, when I got inside the car the INSIDE of the windscreen was frozen too! After scraping like a women possessed, I eventually had some visibility to set off (couldnt use the de-icer on the inside as he had set off too and left me with none!). All the windows were closed properly - in case some think I had left one open! In all the cars I have ever owned - and there have been all different types - this is the only one that that has happened to. Remarkable. It is a RAV 4 D-4D - 2005 diesel VX. Any guesses what is wrong with it? I have owned it since last July (2007)
  9. Hi, I have the VX Rav4 Diesel (1998 cc)and its fuel economy is far better than it was on my Peugeot Quiksilver (1400cc!) How that works out I don't know but it does. Apart from the engine warning light coming on whilst overtaking - and losing power to boot! - I have not had any problems (the garage said that it was a kink in the fuel line (?) ). Such a lovely car to drive and so comfortable - and you can get loads in the back with the rear seats down - an all round practical car. Probably if you do loads of miles perhaps a diesel would be more economical?
  10. At the top of the inside roof there are two holes either side (near the back door) and on the deck there are two metal loops fixed to floor. You should be able to insert either side of the metal pole into the top holes (they contract and expand) and then fix the two hooks to the bottom loops. Then tighten up with the black straps. Hope I am talking about the right thing here - that's how I fix my net dog guard in place! It is really easy. Good luck!
  11. Well, I just had one of those fitted, along with an MOT and new pollen filter(s) - cost me £436! So, I suppose it's about right for a garage stripe up! Be warned though - they will probably find something else wrong with the car which will also cost an arm and a leg.
  12. Tyler


    Hi, Not sure yet how to use the site! Anyway, update on my stolen goods. Hooray, the garage replaced the toolkit and first aid box - bearing in mind these items were stolen from the rear compartments of the car whilst in their 'safe keeping' it was the obvious thing to do - not for me to go searching around to purchase them! And, bearing in mind that the car was in for a new cam belt to be fitted which is at the front of the car, one wonders what anybody was doing in the rear of the car!? Thank you to 'bothwell_ buyer' for suggesting the police. I think my husband threw in a mention while he was "explaining" the situation!
  13. Tyler


    Hello, I am a new member. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the toolkit for a RAV4-D4. My one was stolen when I took the car into the Toyota garage for a new timing chain to be fitted, along with the First Aid Box and Jack!
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