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  1. Happy Birthday mrb338!

  2. I've given up fiddling with it. Took it to another garage and its still not perfect but probably as good as its ever gonna be. Car will drive straight but wheel is slightly off the left and steering is lighter to the left. All our vans in work drive the same if not worse so I guess its just something that happens that you have to live with. Maybe I'm just too fussy!
  3. First time I power hosed under the rear arches of my orange Aygo the paint started to come off the inside of the bumper. It annoyed me at first but I noticed it was the same story on a courtesy Aygo I had when mine was being serviced. Like others have said it is not harmful to the car as the bumper is plastic, more just an eye sore to us fussier people! I don't really worry about it anymore. The Aygo is a good car overall, cheaply made but cheap to own.
  4. Thanks for the responses. Been on holiday so sorry for the slow reply! I've started adjusting the track rods myself on the car and by trial and error seem to be making progress. Wheel alignment is a hard thing to get your head around at first but I'm learning. So far I've managed to get the steering wheel centred when the car is going straight but by the way the car is driving I can tell that I haven't managed to achieve zero toe yet. The wheels either toe in or toe out. I totally agree it is very hard to find a professional who actually knows what he is doing when it comes to wheel alignment. Very frustrating!
  5. Does anyone notice any issues with their Aygo's wheel alignment? I've been having issues for nearly 6 months and it has become a complete headache. In March when my Aygo was 10 months old with about 9000 on clock I had a puncture on front driver side. My local Toyota dealer in Dundonald had to replace the tyre as the position of the nail meant it couldn't be repaired. I asked if the two tyres should be replaced together to keep the treads the same on both sides but they said replacing the one would be fine. Shortly after I noticed the car pulling to the right. The dealer said they were unable to do wheel alignment so I took it to a local tyre centre instead. After this, the car wasn't pulling anymore, but the steering wheel was off centre to the right when going in a straight line and the steering was lighter to the right than to the left. I also noticed the wheel would not self centre from the right but it would from the left. I took the car back to the centre, who did the alignment again. This time, I experienced the same problems as above but to the left instead of the right. I lost faith in the tyre centre, and reported my problems to another Toyota dealer in Belfast. They checked the car and reported that the threads on the track rods were uneven (6 on the drivers side and 11 on the passenger side). They sent the car to their tyre people for wheel alignment. The bill was £73 for assessment and alignment which I thought was excessive! They also damaged one of the wheels in the process, which they agreed to replace, though I still had the hassle of bringing the car to them again on my day off. I expected after all this the alignment would be sorted, but it was back to the original problem of off centre to right, not self centering from the right and heavier to the left. I probably should have taken the car back to Toyota but due to a holiday and being busy I never got around to it. I also wasn't sure I wanted them trying to fix my car again after my negative experience. I eventually had the car checked by an independent garage who told me nothing was wrong with any of the suspension or steering components. Most recently, I went to another tyre centre for new tyres on the front (needing replaced after only 13000 miles) and decided to give the alignment another go. Same problem again, this time its back to the left! This was after me checking the wheel was centered and clamped before the mechanic did the job. I have since checked the track rods and the passenger side has 9 threads wheras the driver side has 6. Maybe I am being a bit fussy, but when you are paying for a brand new car with a 5 year warranty, you don't expect to be spending over £100 in 6 months to make the car drive in a straight line with the steering wheel centered! I enjoyed driving the car until this started but for the last 4000 miles I have hated it. If anyone has experienced similar issues or has any ideas on what might solve the problem I would appreciate your input! Many thanks Michael
  6. When I owned my 03 Corolla (bought with 33k miles) it had clutch judder from early on- it was worst when cold. It was very irritating particularly on hill starts but I lived with it and never bothered getting it sorted, I think over time it actually became less of a problem or perhaps I just got used to it and stopped noticing it. My friend bought the car off me and he has just had the clutch replaced at 67k miles. Probably a bit early but the car did a lot of town driving and the clutch had got very heavy and difficult to operate smoothly. Clutches are a pain, particularly when they develop faults earlier than expected. I've had several cars that have developed clutch problems prematurely, generally not long after I've bought them meaning they've probably been abused by the previous owner.
  7. I normally get just under 50mpg- my commute is very short and most of my driving is in town. I generally fill up when the last bar starts flashing around 340 miles. Best mpg I have had is 67 when the car had less than 3000 miles on clock- filled up after just short of 500 miles.
  8. Had a problem with rattling around 3200rpm on two 2002/3 Corolla 1.4 VVTi models I owned. Turned out to be a very common problem with the plastic inlet manifold. Not sure if using correct terminology but think it was a baffle inside the manifold that over time would come lose and start to vibrate at certain RPMs. Apparently it isn't doing the car any damage- is simply an annoying noise. The first Corolla was under warranty so got Toyota to replace manifold for free. The second Corolla was out of warranty and got quoted a few hundred to fix so I found a fix by doing a google search that involved drilling hole in manifold and inserting a screw to hold the baffle in place. The noise went away as a result and there have been no issues with the car since. I originally thought it wasn't a smart idea to start drilling holes in the engine but the website I found had photos and clear instructions on where to drill and what size of screw to use etc and a lot of people had had success with it so I gave it a go and it worked brilliantly. Rattling noise in Toyota Corolla intake manifold solved | Dominika & Janez This is the link though unfortunately when I tried it there it wouldn't open anymore. Try googling it and see if you can find anything. Or if you prefer the safer more expensive option, just replace the manifold, a Toyota mechanic told me there was a modified manifold made that shouldn't develop the issue.
  9. My friend has a 03 1.4 T2 with 64000 miles. I sold him the car in the last year, having driven it for 2 years from 33000 miles. On road I was always very careful not to ride clutch, though I had quite a tight reversing manoevre into my driveway between a wall and another car which may not have helped it. At the start of the time I owned it there was often a judder, particularly when cold or hill starting. This has since disappeared. More recently I have found the biting point has got very high (not far from the top of the pedal), and there is an occasional squeak if the clutch is under more strain, for example on a hill start. Another friend who has worked on cars before also thought the bite was very high. When I asked about it at my local Toyota centre a few months back the guy said not to worry, that Corollas are bulletproof and in his 5 year experience he hadn't known of any new shape Corollas needing clutches replaced. I am still not convinced though! Does anyone have any experience of clutch issues on this model or thoughts on whether the car may need a new clutch or not? Thanks in advance!
  10. 67 is my new best. Very boring driving at 50 but great for saving the pennies!
  11. I've had my Fire almost 3 months. Best I've got is 63mpg on 250 mile run on motorways and A roads not over 60mph. My commute is only a couple of miles (should really stop being so lazy and cycle to work!) but I would do a few longer runs every month as well. Generally get between 48 and 53mpg, and I don't make as much effort to be economical as I could do so I think this is pretty good. 65 + is achievable no doubt, but very boring! I find you change gear in the Aygo much later than in other cars. In my mum's 1.0 Yaris I could be in 5th gear by 30mph but in the Aygo I'd be no higher than 3rd. This means at higher speeds, the Yaris is screaming and using loads of fuel whereas the Aygo is much quieter and more fuel efficient. I find it very useful being able to stay in 2nd gear right up to 60mph- makes the most of the engine when you need a bit of power. Generally I will change to 3rd at 30, 4th at 40 and 5th at 50. The engine doesn't pull well at all if you change earlier than that. I'm happy to use the revs if I have to but I'll never labour an engine by being in too high a gear for the speed.
  12. I've had my Fire just over 2 months and have clocked up 2200 miles. Here are my latest thoughts on the car. I find it generally very easy and fun to drive. I love the sound it makes when its revved, though its not too loud on a normal motorway cruise. Its a great looker, with the orange paint, tinted windows, alloys wheels and LED lights making it stand out. The ride and handling are not as good as the Corolla and Civic I had before, but I expected this in a cheaper car so it is not a major disappointment. It can lose speed very easily on hills, but changing down a gear or two will maintain speed. If you rev it, the acceleration is actually pretty good for a one litre. It certainly doesn't feel any slower than the 1.4 VVTi Corolla, even though figures one paper would suggest otherwise. I would have liked a smoother gear change. I've driven other cars such as the Hyundai i10 and 2006 Fiesta, in which there is no resistance when changing gear. The Aygo, like other Toyotas (Corolla, Yaris, Starlet) I have driven sometimes feels like it doesn't really want to go into gear. It is not bad enough to make me think it has a problem, but I've learnt that there is a technique to changing gear smoothly that requires a bit of thought. Other cars don't seem to require the same amount of effort. Does anyone understand what I'm talking about or am I just talking nonsense? :) I like being able to use my i POD, though I find the sound system so disappointing I often just don't bother listening to anything. Will look into upgrading the speakers in the future. MPG first few weeks was around 53-55, mostly round town but with a few longer motorway and A road drives at speeds of 60 to 70mph. I have done a trip of 250 miles mostly sticking to 55mph and this achieved 63mpg. More recently, I've been driving a bit harder, probably half in town and half at 70 to 80 on the motorway. MPG has dropped to about 49 as a result, which I still think is not bad for uneconomical driving. Certainly a massive improvement on any car I've had before. The dealer told me fuel economy should improve over time. Does anyone know what sort of miles I should start to see an improvement? Overall, I really like the Aygo. I can forgive it for its flaws. It has lots of character, it is cheap to run, has a 5 year warranty, the finance is 0% and the tax is free. For getting from A to B round the city it is outstanding, and it does the job on longer journeys too. Simple, basic, worry free motoring is what it has been designed for and it does it really well. I used to think owning a bigger, more powerful, more expensive car would satisfy me more, but with the amount of money I save, I feel happier and less stressed with the Aygo. I look forward to hearing thoughts of other owners. I will update with how things are going again in the future.
  13. The car is a lot of fun to drive, got lots of character and I love the noise of the 3 cylinder engine. Roomy enough for 4 people and nippy enough when you select the correct gear. The revamped front, orange colour, tinted windows and LED lights really make it stand out on the road I think. Haven't seen any other new shape Aygos yet. Still trying to work out how to get photos uploaded... lol
  14. My Burnt Orange Fire arrived today, around the time I expected. Good service from Toyota in Belfast, and my first impressions of the car are good. Long may it last!
  15. Those waiting times seem to be less than mine, I wonder has it something to do with me being in Northern Ireland...? Salesman says my car now has a VIN number and would be here between a week to two weeks.
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