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  1. congratulations mate!!! haven't seen you for years and then suddenly i stumble upon this fantastic news!
  2. show starts at 10am, i'll be on site from 7am and you can turn up anytime after 7.30am.
  3. right then folks you can download a map from the following location http://www.designfor.co.uk/carshowmap.pdf and a layout plan from this location http://www.designfor.co.uk/carshowplan.pdf if anyone is sat naving it aim for the junction of sheepy road and church street in atherstone or enter postcode CV9 1HA
  4. crikey! it'salready been explained, and is it not common sense? it's like a bmw forum... ...hmmm must use fog lights in all conditions!
  5. well, you'd think so, normally the toc'ers are mad for it, or mad ferritts as is the case sometimes! come on, the midlands meets used to be great, and that was when i lived in manchester!
  6. absolutely mate! will post maps and layout tomorrow, just re-jigging the layout a bit now. hopefully the sun will stay with us as well
  7. great stuff mate, i'll pm you more info and my moby no. tomorrow, look forward to meeting you fella. also got some attendees from: mr2oc, midlands jap forum, jap midlands, westfield oc, jaguar oc too, all confirmed in the last day or so. gonna be a good day! anyone else fancy some?
  8. Anyone fancy coming to the Atherstone Vehicle Show on Sunday 16th September and displaying your motors? You can have a club section and get the banners out if you like come. I'm overseeing the modidifed section as i am co-sponsoring the event and would love to get some more jap motors to the show. The show started with just classic cars but has now grown to have a modified section as well. Some of the cars that will be at the show are: Jag XK from the James Bond film Die Another Day, original Ford GT40, Imprezza rally cars, racing truck, jap cars, Mygale Formula 4 car, stock cars, classic cars, modded vw campers, the list goes on and there may be a few more surprises yet. There has been a maclaren F1 car and a Jag Lemans cars at previous shows - it's a bit mad seeing them drive around a cobbled market square! It's based on the Market Square and there will be various events throughout the day along with the mandatory burger vans, music etc. Here's the poster:
  9. happy birthday fella! started a b'day thread on loc for ya too.
  10. i've got my dad coming up that weekend and im not sure what time he will be leaving on the sunday so i might just make it, then again i may be completely stellad still. i'll let you know how its looking on saturday peeps, be good to get to this one tho!
  11. cheers toc'ers! been having a stella of a weekend :ffs:
  12. why not use a modem/router instead and plug in each pc? or as yaris boy says just use a crossover cable.
  13. would be nice to know what your is pushing out john ← it would im defo joining you when you go back.