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  1. Happy Birthday iluvcarina!

  2. Try looking at the water pump when the car is fully warmed up and running, they tend to only leak when under pressure so look at that for one possibility.
  3. No i have done nothing to the electrics at all lately, when it first went friday night i was over 100 miles into a trip when the gauges just dropped, the heater blower was not on so i dont think it was that, may try a look at the speed sensor to see if its coroded
  4. Its not a problem from the cig lighter as thats working so it must be on another fuse, when the fuse blows the only units in use are the gauges so maybe one of those is earthing out, i booked the car in the for tuesday so i just have the week-end to sort it for free so any help will be welcome.
  5. I have a fuse which has suddenly began blowing since friday its a 10 amp and it knocks out the sunroof,windows,heater blower and gauges display,speedo,revs etc, does anyone have any ideas where to look and what for ? thanks in advance
  6. The best shop to try for car mechanics mag. will be martins newsagents i always got mine there before i subscribed, i have also seen it in wh smith, but i do know it can be a problem to find it in some areas, but dont worry if you do miss this one you can always buy back issues if you get one in future.
  7. In reply to jaxx, its 4 pages explaining all the units etc of the engine electrics and the most common problems to look out for, it is certainly worth a look if you do any d.i.y. on your car.
  8. This is just a note to let you yaris owners know that in the march issue of car mechanics which is out this week that the yaris is featured in the electronic diagnostics section and is well worth a look.
  9. I had the same problem on my carina last year with the rear wash pump my mechanic said it was simply worn out so did not have enough power to pump the water through, so he joined the rear & front pipes together with a T joint costing 10 pence, it just means both screens get washed at the same time, the price of a new pump from toyota was over £40 but i have seen some universal replacements in halfords for about £15, might be worth a look.
  10. Welcome to the site jim its good to see another carina owner logging on, there seems to be a sudden shortage of us (what has happened to dragon & coyote lately ?) so i hope you become a regular user.
  11. The idea of having an insurance disc in the windscreen may work in theory but it would be easy to go for monthly payments, receive the disc even use it to obtain a tax disc if they dont mind paying for that ! then cancel the insurance and keep the disc on the car for the next 11 months having only paid for month one.
  12. I went to cornwall for the last two summers in and around mevagissy and the locals cars that are parked by the harbour are permantley caked with seagull poo, the owners just seem to have given up trying to keep them clean i suppose it must be very frustrating,theres even a sign up saying `keep mevagissy clean take home a seagull`
  13. I have recently fitted a nearly new TM 2001 radio in my car which works perfectly well, but there is a button near the top left corner with what seems to be a clock face on it, when i press it the letters adj appear but i get no reaction from any other buttons i press,i have no manual but is it simply a clock to ba set into the unit ? if so how do i set it or is it something else ?
  14. iluvcarina


    Another outlet to try i`ve seen advertised is Peter on 01772454363 e- mail good hunting !
  15. If the water seems to coming in during heavy rain,why not take the car to a car-wash and sit inside during the wash, the force of one of those things should make any leak quite obvious, or have someone spray a pressure washer over it while you are inside.