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  1. Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of where the relays are for a 2004 Diesel corolla verso. i have removed one of the glow plugs and it was not working and was more corroded than others. thanks.
  2. hi lamp. i have posted issues with the dvd system too, mine relates to no sound thru headphones. i have no problems with picture on screens. after a lot of digging i believe that the control unit located under the handbrake shorted out at some point with previous owner. possibly a drink spill. i have contacted the dvd manufacturers in UK who can offer me a replacement unit. i also think the sound card may be gone in the dvd player i have. i'm in 2 minds whether to proceed with purchase of the dvd player. if you want i can try and find out the dvd manufacturers who may be able to help. Damien
  3. Hi, Problem solved - almost, Brought car to Toyota garage and they diagnosed that glow plugs were the issue. they wanted 350 euro to change them!!! Anyway brought car home and at weekend with help of my father (who is a mechanic) but lives 2 hrs drive away, we cleaned the EGR (which was a little dirty). On starting car, my father felt it was not starting well so we checked the glow plugs. Turns out 3 of them were gone. Anyway ordered and have fitted a set of Bosch plugs which cost 70 euro. Lights have gone off on dash and i disconnected battery for an hour. Still feel car does not start as good as before and seems underpowered. Would the fault still be stored on ECU? Any other ideas?
  4. Hi there, thanks for the help. i will take a look at the EGR tomorrow and try and clean it to see if i get improvement. i have noted the car requiring a few extra turns to start as well over the last 2 weeks or so i.e even before the dash lights came on, do you think these are all related to EGR or would there be injector issues as well? there is no black smoke coming from exhaust even when i put the boot down but i have lack of power. Damien
  5. Hi there, Yesterday the engine management light, VSC and TCR Off lights all came on on my dash. i drive a 2004 diesel verso with 85000 miles. I disconnected the battery for an hour and the lights went off. after some short drives totaling around 15 miles the 3 lights have come on again. i am planning on bringing the car to a toyota dealer to get the fault diagnosed but guess it may be with the EGR valve as with previous posts, 1. will i do any damage to the car if i drive it until the garage opens next week? any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. Hi Anatoli, I agree, i think it must be either a loose connection or a dodgy transmitter box. i think if i remove the cover over the handbrake, i should be able to access some of the wiring. Damien
  7. Do you know if there is a separate fuse for the dvd player and the sound system? do you know where these fuses are located.
  8. Hi Hertndminds, I followed the instructions on your link but no luck. i think i might have an idea what is causing the issue. There are 4 LED's on the door pillars. Only two are lighting on each side. Should all 4 be lighting on each side?
  9. I have recently bought a 2004 Corolla Verso T Spirit. I can not get the sound to work in the headphones. It is possible to see the pictures on both screens. The remote also works. I have replaced the batteries in the headphones. I have purchased a set of wireless headphones from "in car stuff". These headphones will not work either. I have reset the DVD player, still no luck. Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone help please? Damien.
  10. Hi Joe, I think i have the problem solved. I bought a set of plug leads (not genuine toyota ones) and fitted them. There was an immediate improvement in power. The only problem was that after time the car would again start misfiring. I found that the leads were coming loose from the plugs. I have slightly squeezed the metal piece of the lead that covers the plug. This seems to have corrected the problem. Hopefully this is the issue solved. Thanks to everyone for the help. Damien :D
  11. Hi Joe, I took your advice and removed the plugs. The plugs are only about 9 months old (denso plugs). no sign of any black mark or line on the porcelain was evident. Strangely all of a sudden over the past few days the car has gone back to normal ( i.e. more power and not misfiring). This has happened before I removed the plugs. The only thing I noticed was when I was going up a steep hill yesterday at 60mph in 4th gear at 3500rpm, the slight juddering started again, but not half as bad as before. Do you still think it may be the plug leads? Thanks, Damien.
  12. Hi there, Thanks a million for your help. I will take a look at the plugs as you say. Did you change the coil as well? I replaced the rear coil with a 2nd hand one as well. When I removed the plug leads from the rear coil last week, there was a white powder evident and the connections looked blackened (even though lead 3 is only about 4 months old) When I removed the plug leads from the front coil they were spotless. As leads 3 and 4 go to the rear coil, do you think this could be the problem? damien
  13. Hi there, I have a 1999 Avensis 1.6 with 60000 miles. Over the last few months I have noticed the following. 1. The car is very underpowered. 2. When I am travelling up a hill at say 2500 revs in 4th gear ( with the econo light still on) the car starts to misfire and shudder slightly. If I have a number of people in the car the same happens. It is very frustrating to drive. I have replaced the spark plugs with original denso plugs. I have replaced plug lead number 3 as I was told that this one can cause issues. No improvement was found. I removed the leads 3 and 4 from the coil and a white powder was evident. I have disconnected each of the injector leads in turn but no issue was found. I have had the car connected to a computer twice but nothing showed up. I have been told now that it may be a blocked fuel filter. I was going to order one from a main dealer but he said that the pore size is large and is unlikely to have blocked. Can anyone put me in the right direction Thanks Damien
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