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  1. I think I'll go and ask the wife to try - she's got smaller hands and the strength of Mighty Mouse... Maybe I loosened them up already ;) LOL
  2. frostyballs - yup I know all that and the issue is the bulb just won't twist enough to get them out! Any tips or tricks to get them out?
  3. Well of the planned headlight bulb upgrade the following has been done: 1) Installed LED sidelights 2) Installed H11 bulbs - for some reason the loom plugs aren't 100% direct fitment as per my older HID kits so I've had to use the 2nd pair of wires on the bulb which works fine - might be a case of dremel the H11 bulb/HID ballast connector a little shorter to the pins make contact. 3) HB3 Bulbs - how the hell do you get them out! I can't shift them at all! Tested the kit and I can do a straight connection off the loom to the ballast so 2 less wires to tuck away when I fit them! Help!
  4. excellent - thanks for the 2nd confirmation. Will probably make the order once my tax disc rebate comes in. Already bought some bits to fit when I collect it (K&N panel filter, fitted boot liner - got kids pram and muddy boots to add in)
  5. A quick question if I may - is your HID kit a CAN-BUS type or just the standard set?
  6. Cheers Simon - will speak with HIDS-Direct who I've had all my kits from previously and get a price on some bulbs to re-use these ballasts and another set for the other lights.
  7. Just about to take up ownership of an '08 Auris SR to add to our Toyota collection - also got a '76 RA28 Celica and a '99 Celica ST202. I know there are differing opinions on HID kits but I've got them on the current family wagon (CRV) and my ST202 and have no issues with them come MOT or with local constabulary (and I do a hell of a lot of business miles so see most of the UK!). It's been discussed at length here and on other forums and my MOT chap is happy pass them as long as they comply with the regs he has been told to work to. I was going to re-use the current slim ballasts on the CRV in the new Auris, but read that it might be CAN-BUS so might mean I need to buy new CAN-BUS ballasts as well as new bulbs - can anyone confirm if an '08 Auris SR has CAN-BUS or not? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any contact details for Rob - I know he moved to the 'dark' (Honda) side for a dealership chain.
  9. do a google search on Bigg Red brakes - they refurb calipers and do diffferent finishes such as gold or silver electroplating.
  10. if you need new keys try www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk as they can provide keys and syncing instructions.
  11. will reply to your pm Rob. Bad news is the one I was hoping to get a shufty/test drive of was at Arnold clark - and sadly its gone. It looked mint and even the missus said she half expected to come home from walking the nipper to find it parked in the drive(and more importantly wouldn't have been upset in the lsightest about it) - shame she didn't tell me that earlier in the week and I probably would have made a purchase ! Still I'll just have to think to myself that it was a 'shed' so I feel better and continue the search for an ideally silver XTR. There's a few on autotrader and in the Toyota dealerships but it's a case of getting out to see them.
  12. Saw yours Mr Shuttleworth and whilst I don't doubt it's a finely looked after motor (though given West Ridings reputation has had a little battering of late).I t's a) the wrong colour (you know my preference is silver) and B) she who must be obeyed (and the little one babbling at me as well) silver, blue or black are the preferred options ! Good to see you still have a thing for Toyota's though Rob !
  13. Aye - I'm a lot more familiar with the Celica range as I'm one of the Admin on Celica-Club (Hence I know Uncle (Bob) King well on there). I know Toyota engines are pretty buletproof (well unless you count the oil starvation/oval piston issues on the Gen 7). Just hope it's a nice drive and I can get a good price for my car or for cash. Does the XT-R have heated front seats as standard ?
  14. 2.0 petrol cheers. wonder if the brand new battery I just put in my IS200 would be useable in it as well ?
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