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  1. hi everyone. im new here and i was just wondering if anyone can tell me what wheels would fit a 1988 Starlet NP70 (same as EP70 i believe). i was hoping to get some 15" rims with 195/50/15 tyres but im not sure if these will fit without modifying lots of stuff. i need the exact spec, ie. offset, stud diameter etc. to be able to order them as i have no idea. thanks alot
  2. by the way, ive just put a couple of photos in the gallery thing if anyones interested.
  3. redbarney

    Starlet NP70L

    here it is folks, a car that doesnt seem to exist
  4. cheers for the replies folks. and trust me on this, it does actually exist. i think its a v rare jap import, not that i realised this before buying it of course. my current problem is the exhuast. the one on it seems to have been botched together by someone with a blue peter badge for mechanics and no concept that holes and gaps in an exhuast are bad...i need a real exhaust to pass an MOT, so any ideas where i could get one would be greatly appreciated. im hoping its the same as for the petrol engine. also any essential mods to make my diesel monster run a bit better. thanks again folks, without you id be up ***** creek in a leaky diesel canoe with a paddle that no one seems to know exists
  5. hi all, ive just bought a 1988 Starlet 1.5 D (NP70), and im only just beginning to understand how flippin rare it is. it seems the only websites that talk about it are in russian. its a LHD which i bought when i was in France. i was just wondering if anyone new much about it really? id like to do it up a bit but im not sure whether the parts from an EP7* would fit it. is it simliar to the petrol versions (apart from the motor of course). and to be honest is it worth me doing up or should i flog it and get a petrol version. its in pretty good nick and id lke to keep it cos its wicked fun to drive but im getting depressed that getting parts for it seems to be impossible. any help would be greatly aprreciated. thanks. photo coming soon
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