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  1. Happy Birthday jechto!

  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Cynos-Not-RS-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...4535586221&rd=1
  4. went to the garage today, found out its my gearbox, so im gonna have to source one of those now !
  5. HI, is there anyone who knows for definate that these parts are, or arent the same. I need to know pretty quick now cos my cars been in the garage for about 2 months , and hes starting to charge me per day now.
  6. You could be loosing air somewhere, That would almost definatly be the answer if you did a turbo conversion ? may still be the case now though
  7. Hey Guys, do you think the driveshaft on a 91 Cynos Matches the one on a 96 Paseo ?
  8. Has anyone got one of these ? 1991 paseo/cynos drivers side drive shaft ?!
  9. How much for the 5E-FHE one plz mate. Inc Shipping.
  10. Im looking for the following. Powersteering Pump Manifold Cover
  11. Hi, - I would love to come and get my car recorded if atall possible. Its a 1991 Toyota Cynos - Japanese import. ITS NOT QUITE A SUPRA BUT >..< I got a HKS Induction kit and a Magnex Exhaust cat back. Cats been removed so its very loud. Also i got 17" alloys. The paint work on the car isnt completley mint and there is a bad spot on the roof but on a sunny day when polished it looks nice. http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/648544 If i meet any of the criteria and your interested please pm me back. Worth a try :D Regards Damien Holmes.
  12. its gonna run like !Removed! on the ps2. Need for speed underground 1 - ran like a bag of spuds Imo that game is way too advanced for the PS2 as it is.
  13. Hey. I got an engine. Its a 5E-FHE one tho which is about 10 BHP more than the one in the paseo's The only problem i got with my engine is the valve timing needs adjusting or it needs the tappets sorted out. Or i have another engine where the Head is fine on it. If you took the head of my old engine and the bottom of the new one put them together it would make a fine engine. The Newer one has only covered 32000 miles. Im looking for arround £400 but you would have to arrange pickup. PM ME if your interested and we might be able to work something out
  14. Cos ive been wanting to do a turbo swap for a while, and ive decide now is a good time :D
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