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  1. The fella likes it. He's a fan of Tito Ortiz Keeps showing me one of his entrances expecting me to be reallllllly impressed bless him
  2. Sounds like fun again Ill be there next year but on a different stand Car's not ready for any show's yet
  3. Yup heartbreaking not being able to get out of bed for a few days to give them what they want but im making up for it now! and my mum sat with me for my op and she thought the same! Thanks ladies and gents!
  4. I havnt got time at the moment! ;) Some sneaky git might do it for me if im that unlucky!
  5. Well i thought id let you guys know i had my little girl just over a week a go!! Grace Louise was born 19th March at 9.58pm by c section! Just wanted to share her with those who care! JJ ta for the text Oh and excuse me I do look rough but i had just been wheeled out of a 3 hour long operation!!
  6. Lol that is the worst thing to smell when your out delivering and can't have any! i suppose! Some nice old ladies give christmas cards with money, cups of coffee each morning etc, sometimes those make the bad customers disappear in your memory!
  7. Dad said a bacon sarnie goes down a treat aswell
  8. Gonna go on one here Its christmas, theyre over worked, underpaid and understaffed and to make matters worse they keep getting cut backs! My dad does enough hours a week making sure people get their letters and parcels!! :ffs: He went to work at 4.30am when i took him, i wont pick him up till 6.10pm tonight, he gets 30mins dinner and works this shift monday to friday! Monday is his day off.... Saturday he is there from 4am till 1pm! sorry they cant seem to do anything right for anyone
  9. That was saturday?? Dammit!!! Was going to have a drive down for a drink with you guys then come home, obviously not an alkyhol one :P Looks like fun!
  10. Im already getting what i really want!! :D Im one lucky lady!!! So instead i would like.... Not that one, the white one they do in asda!
  11. ooh i know at our hospital they stopped advising ice cream after for some bizarre reason, they now give you crisps!
  12. :o dont say that T!!! I disappear all the time! i dont have a toyota so i dont come on as much and with a bump im usually on baby forums! I always like to have a good nosey though!
  13. ahhh i see! Thats a shame, but you havnt got that long to wait till she arrives!! Seems like ages till my lil lady comes! Went shopping yesterday for some boots and my mum was moaning about the size of the heel because of bubs! The lady in the shop asked how far gone i am and her jaw dropped to the floor!! Guess im lucky! I know the bump will come but only 4 month left!
  14. did you not get a cd with all the piccies on? We have 53 piccies on it! plus the dvd of the scan! Cant wait to have it done again!
  15. Not much chance of thta kimi! Felt her move for the first time today so i know she will be keeping me awake tonight!! Thanks T! The scan is really good, were having another done at xmas so i can see her face properly!!
  16. I hope not! Although pink clothes do go with gold! Les, I have a good idea who it is and its probably the same person who thought it would be nice to hack my photobucket account and delte 3 years woth of piccies! Oh and ill deal with the telly when i get to it, ill put it in a higher place and see how long it lasts!!
  17. Firstly just like to say thanks to whoever keeps logging in as me and changing my signature and other stuff! Well done, it shows you have loads of brains!! and if you had bothered to come see me you will know im not fat and ive lost over 2st in weight! Anyway back to the subject!!! :P Some peeps know im going to be a mummy!! and tbh i cant wait! My parents are over the moon as are Ricks! Im now 5mths preggers with no bump and no weight gain! Im a lucky buggar!! We had a scan for my birthday as i didnt have a 12wk scan, and my 20wk is not actually for another few weeks! :ffs: So mum, me and Rick headed off to notts to see bubs for the first time! It was a truely amazing experience! Seeing the 2d scan on the baby was something id been waiting for for ages! Then the 4d scan came up on screen and it was goooorgeous!! They sexed it for me and its a lil girl!!!! So all pink for me! I cant wait for my lil lady to arrive but ill have to wait till 28th feb! She will be worth it when she arrives!
  18. No ash!! I have the hospital scan in a few weeks but this is a private one!
  19. Long time no speak fellow quacker!!! Going ot have a lil cheep cheep soon to go with my quack!! Quack.... :P
  20. Thanks guys!! No longer a teenager!!!! Had a nice wakeup call from kev! :ffs: but hey its nice to get it! :P Mum and dad are paying for a scan on friday so i can find out what s*x the baby is!!! Wahooo!! How happy am i? Great birthday so far!!! no drinking though :(
  21. Have a great day Dale!!!! Dont get too drunktard either! :P
  22. You my dear are talking out of your rear end! I didnt say i was leaving, i said i wouldnt be around much! I think there is a difference, and i am right i havnt been around much Think before you type, it might do you some good!
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