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  1. Hi No problems, I was just looking for a little help on brake pads and I found what I needed. I'm more of a browser here than a poster. Apart from tyres, brakes etc the only thing I had to replace was the battery. That was last year and it was the original that came with the car - so I couldn't really complain as it was 12 years old :-) I do worry now that maybe there might not be so much life left - but I'd quite likely just get another cheap Toyota for about £1000, with lower mileage, as I know they can run for a long time!
  2. I was just searching for some other advice on Corolla's and came across my thread I started back in 2008. Well I'm pleased to report that my Corolla is still going strong some 7 and a bit years later - and has now nearly clocked 175K :-)
  3. Everything looks fine in the engine bay, and I've had a look underneath myself and can't spot anything untoward. I've had the error code read and its P303, showing a engine misfire. The car does run OK, just rather unevenly. I will be getting it checked out, but wondered if there were any further thoughts?
  4. Hi All A few weeks ago I hit a rather nasty pothole and saw in my rear view a load of light grey smoke. Since then my engine is running on what feels like low power and whilst driving the engine management light flashes, not all the time, sometimes the light remains steady on. At standstill the engine sounds like its struggling and I can see the headlights very faintly flashing. On a longer drive there is often a funny, rubber/burning smell at the rear of the car when I get out. Any thoughts on what could be the cause? Have I hit a sensor when i crashed into the pothole? It was an almighty bang! Cat has done 164,000, Corolla T3, 03 plate. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. If its got a Full Service History and you have had it from new, then spend some money on it. IMO 80k really isnt a lot of mileage for a well maintained car, as you know the cars history then you'll be giving it away for £2,500. Run her into the ground and pay the bills as they come until it becomes uneconomical Thanks for your advice. I think you've pretty much summed up what I want to do. Although a new car would be nice I'm loathed to start forking out payments on a loan for a new one just yet, especially if there is plenty of life in mine yet!
  6. Hi folks Just after a bit of advice from you guys as to my thoughts at the moment. I have a 2003 (03) Corolla T3 1.6, bought from new and always been serviced by main dealer Oakmere Toyota in Northwich. Just recently had its 80K service with no problems but I've been thinking if its time to get rid due to the high mileage. Had a test drive of an Aygo this week, which I didn't like, plus the dealer said they'd only give me about £2500 for mine in trade in. My car does look a little shabby, needs a spot of paintwork doing to the front bumper and a repair to a cig burn on the drivers seat and to be honest I wasn't really prepared for the valuation as I could have got it looking better beforehand. Now I have an engine management warning light come on, its been on for a few weeks with no noticeable loss in performance or fuel economy. So I guess my questions are:- What typical mileage can these cars achieve before things start going wrong Should I get rid or spend a little on the repairs - is it worth it? I do love this car and its never caused me any trouble in the five years I've had it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Gang! Just dropping by to say hello. Been lurking for a while but finally signed up tonight as I needed to search about a problem - anyway thats solved. I've got a 03 Corolla, 1.6, Igneous Grey. Had it from brand new from Oakmere Toyota in Northwich. Its just had its 80K service and its been a great car. But now I'm getting ready for a change. Thinking of being a bit radical and going for the Aygo. I had a Fiat Cinq years ago that I loved so I know what having a smaller car is all about. As its only usually me alone in my car downsizing isn't a problem but I'm wondering if I'll like the reduction in engine size after having a 1.6 for 5 years. I guess I need to do more research, but having a browse through the Aygo forums there are lots of positive comments! Cheers Peter