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  1. If you have a solid front axle, yes it will. The problem is that you cant just raise them with 4" because when you put on 4" lift springs, you *must* also use longer shackles(trust me on this), and when you use longer shackles, the total raise will be about 5-1/2" to 6" and now you have a driveshaft problem(front). Rear is no problem. So what can you do? Well you can use OME's 50mm lift springs without any problems or you can, as many on this side of the north sea do, extend their front drive axle at a machine workshop. With IFS, there is now such problem, but why raise a IFS car?
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  3. Hi, This is a well knows "case" but the solution is real simple. Change engine oil. My lux was exactly like this and I thought something was very wrong with the engine since I have driven many Toyota's in my time. Asked my nearest dealer(which sucks), but they told me that is the way it suppose to be. I could not believe it, so I drove the car for a short while before I changed the engine oil. I use a real cheap NN synthetic 5W-40 oil, but the noise was instantly gone. Now I get the same noise if I drive to long before oil change. 30.000Km is way to much IMHO, so I change engine oil about every 10-12.000Km(I can hear quite clearly when its time to change oil). Smaug
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