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  1. Pics of the scoobie are below - link to my photobucket. Currently doing 56.2MPG at 1500 miles. http://s426.photobucket.com/albums/pp343/willow67_2008/R2/ very happy with it and sorry guys/gals so much better spec and handles very well as std. It is only the sohc model but still cruises at the legal limit ;)
  2. Hope its nothing major, Trouble is we don't have exclusive use of 430 Mhz. Have you got your radio or the cables on the drivers side because the mmt has an electronic throttle? Have you tried using a near field detector to see if any harmonics are being emitted from the cable that could cause problems also crimped co-axial cables are more prone to causing problems than soldered ones. Needs to be BNC or N type for 70cms PL259's are very lossy above 250Mhz. As a side note also can get problems using HF mobile not least because of the antenna sizes, used to run 14Mhz mobile and that was a bumper mount on a 4x4. Have run most bands mobile but 23cms was the worst- a wet leaf caught against the whip would totally screw up the SWR.
  3. OK guys Topic closed. As of 1300hrs Tomorrow I will not be a Toyota Owner. Mods feel free to lock topic. Farewell ;)
  4. That's the beast 659 cc Auto DOHC mine will be in black- that pic is of the supercharged one
  5. Not really a problem, already own a Sambar Kei van, size wise slightly less leg room in rear but bigger boot. Seats have more adjustment and proprer headrests. Width is 147.5 now
  6. OK i'll let on, going for one of the Kei cars. Subaru R2, similar size to the Aygo but better spec. Aircon, Proper Auto Box, Electric Mirrors,5 door with electric windows all round(controlled from drivers door),Rear Tinted windows, Proper rear hatch (not a letter box like the Aygo), Front Fogs,.. All as standard. Got 5K px on Agro and Road tax on the new one is still £35.00
  7. Finally decided to get rid of the Aygo. :o Was fun whilst in my possesion It Will be going in as PX on a Jap Import. :) 57plate Scoobie I'm Afraid.
  8. Know the Crazy well first saw it when it was shown at the london motorshow and seen it several times since at shows.
  9. Definately an Aygo with insane body kit. Think I know who was driving it and he works for Toyota.. The big give away was the logo's on the side- was the CRAZY. The wife also saw it the following day.
  10. Can see 2 mods :o 1 - air freshener? from rear view mirror. 2 - soft toy on center air vents
  11. THE WHITE AYGO I did not expect to see it driving towards me tonight. I want it.
  12. Kwik Fit will probably be cheaper.
  13. Agro see posts way back to see why. :P
  14. Old skool for me, don't like the new rear lights and have still to see one with the new front fogs .I'll have to win the lottery before its replaced