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  1. happy birthday bro, hope all ur dreams and wishes come true (well i guess they have-uv already brought the car lol!) and that u have an absolutely wicked day 2day!
  2. hey, just saw the post- im from abington, northants too!!
  3. Azim

    Timing Belt Change

    hey fizz bro, im getting a bit scared too now ya know!!! i knew it took a long time to do but i heard it was esay-obviously not!! hey i know u live in bradford-dats just a little up the road,+200 miles but even after iv put in £40 of fuel-id still be saving £100-so id still be more than happy! oh yeah-mr T quoted me £24 or £26 for the belt itself, so i mite get it from here!! i cudnt really understand the thread once it started getting too technical, so u ask all the relevant questions, and once uv had urs done, just give me the signal, or let me know if im gona have to help help you do a b
  4. Azim

    Timing Belt Change

    salaam bruv, thanks for that, im hoping that maybe somewhere not too far someone has managed to get it chepaer then that (no harm in hoping!). but if i cant get any better, then i might come up and get it done from there!we'll have to wait and see......
  5. hello people-jus thought id let you all know that im back on the forum-hols are over so i can check it more often now! iv already got my first question lined up-And would realy apprecialte if any one can help me with this: im gona need to get my timing belt changed soon (iv heard this is also called the 'cam belt'-is that right?)-but the price is kind of scaring me-being a student (a broke one at that! ). mrT said £260 inc labour and vat but thats a large chunk of my loan gone already then :censor: ! so, whats the cheapest price anyone has paid to have the timing belt changd?and where-abou
  6. hey guys (and iv also noticed afew more girls too :D ) im finally back from uni hls, so i can start checking the forum regularly!! just wanted to say that i have a black '91 (J)reg mr2 and it has done 105,683 miles-it had just under 98k wen purchased in sept 03. i feel like im the first owner of the vechicle-it still flies like you woudnt believe! it had part SH (mostly last 40k's worth-but 10yrs worth of mots) and mine have mainly been motorway miles (150miles round trip each fornight) hey nicola, uv done abt 1k more than me-not to worry, i guess il just have to cruise through gold street 5ti
  7. im actually near, slough bruv, but im studying at northampton uni, so im there most of the time, gona be back in 1 1/2 weeks-then il be checking regularly!! dats even better thats its de-limited!!good one mate hey, that reminds me-u know one of my best friends-imran, he said he bought ur celica exhaust off u! small little world aint it??? now u get double my respect!! :D
  8. hey fizz, i know its abit late, but im on uni break and havnt had the chance to check the forum for a while, but i jus wanted to congratulate u on a marvallous purchase!im actually really happy for you, and i can imagine that u probably slept in it for the first few days huh? :D hope u njoy it mate, just take it easy thou!!
  9. Azim

    Some Pics

    cheers bruv, ur a life saver!! thought that da 1st was too sall and the last too big-didnt want annoy everyone with very post hopefully there should be no complaints with the middle size!! im well chuffed, iv finally got a signature pic and also an avatar!!! tanks TOC, Bibbs, And fizz, ur life savers!!!
  10. Azim

    Some Pics

    cheers fizz! heres the link for the pic id like as a signature..... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...vc_014s_002.jpg im not sure how ezy it is, but is it possible to kinda cut it so that uv got just a frame around the car?dont mean to take the ubik, but that would be wicked if you cud-if not then thats still wicked!! cheers bruv :P
  11. Azim

    Some Pics

    sorry about that guyz, i wasnt sure how big that would come out, thought that ot might re-size automatically-as iv discovered-obviously not!!!! il get rid of it untill i can find a more suitable one!!! P.s is there a way i can reduce the size of that one so that its abt the same as everyone else's??
  12. Azim

    Some Pics

    iv heard about this 'drilling the air box business' but wanted to know if anyones done it for the mr2?if so, are there any guides available? secondly, i dont really want the performance so much, more the kinda deep roaring sound, but kinda subtle at the smae time.....can that be achieved by drilling the air box?
  13. Azim

    Some Pics

    haven't really got the cash for any major mods, unlike jimlad, but im more into the ICE side of things. Hope to get an induction kit when the next installment of my student loan comes through so that i can buy an induction kit - iv been reccomended to get PiperCross, anyone else got this this?heard anything good / bad about it?
  14. Azim

    Some Pics

    not yet, just had the voice recognition set-up, but Devon Miles reckons that it needs afew more weeks before its fully functional!! :D
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