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  1. thanks for your help buddy i'll have a proper look this afternoon
  2. hi guys any idea where the reverse switch is on my gen 5 cabby .. its an auto. i have no power to my reverse lights so i am presuming its the switch cheers john
  3. hi all i'm after a replacement roof for my 1990 st183c can you help regards john
  4. Hi guys , a couple of days back i had an issue with the cat light and battery light coming on as i was driving and the voltmeter on the dash wasn't responding as it should. I fitted the alternator around 5 years ago and was wondering if the alternator has given up. does anyone have a link on replacing the alternator if this is the case cheers John
  5. Hi all, my heater started to blow intermittently then packed up altogether. It still blows hot and cold when you adjust the settings but the blower /fan isn’t working at all and i can hear the 'clicking' noise coming from under the dash when i adjust the heater settings Any ideas guys cheers John
  6. Hi all, I have just got out of my celcia after reversing it and all of a sudden i can here a loud clunk when i put it in reverse. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. regards John
  7. hi all does anyone know if my car has an OBDI/ODBII diagnostic plug and its location its a 1990 ST183C CABRIOLET import. thanks john
  8. Hi all, I put fuel in my 1990 st183c cabby today and the fuel was low and the light come on the dash as normal however, when i filled her up the light stayed on any ideas ? plus the lights in my door dont work when they are open I've tested the power and 12v is defientely there . ive changed the bulbs and still no joy cheers again J
  9. hi there, can anyone in the know advise me, whether or not the boot hinges are the same on a cabriolet st183c generation 5 as the standard 182 185 etc generation 5's. i'm getting conflicting information as to they are or are not (ebay etc). my passenger side (near side ) one snapped yesterday. If anyone could advise me or point me in the right direction i would be very greatful. merry christmas J
  10. hi all, just bought some 17s for my 90 cabby off a 89 uk hard top version and they don't fit does anyone know if they are different stud diamters and if so what the cabby stud diameter is thanks in advance john
  11. jayceexxx2000

    my cabby

    hi guys new to the forum i'm posting a few pics of my celica on here see what you think J
  12. Hi all I have a gen 5 jap import cabby and was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows how to remove the rear lights cheers J
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