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  1. i reckon there good for 7.5ish standard in the right conditions and driver. we defo all know they do it quiker than 8.4secs
  2. theyve got it wrong again then, doesnt surprise me :(
  3. they have changed it too, wierd! and a bit of a scam if you ask me puting the wrong specs on it to begin with. im all for the 0 to 60 getting put right, they also put it does 146mph top speed, im not sure mine will do that though im happy that they put them right now though ;) hopefully they will get the respect they deserve now! link below http://www.toyota.co.uk/vs2/oldpdf/04/CO5_61_over.pdf
  4. whats the jdm lights? whats the difference
  5. thanx guys, uve been very helpfull.
  6. Hi Dickie i had an N reg 4.1 rav 4 series one from new although not automatic, they are very reliable + nippy, I would have a look at fuel consumption on an auto if i was you, our main man on series 1 ravs is bothwell buyer who generally comes on later + will be able to advise you better on mechanical issues although i am sure there are no major problems hope this short answer helps.. thanx mate
  7. Hi guys, im thinking of buying a Rav-4 for my girlfriends first car, its an N-reg 2.0gx. 2 door automatic any tips on any common faults i should look out for or check out? also what are they like in general, are they as reliable as the other toyotas, are they nippy, they drive nice etc..? any help and advice would be appreciated. thanx Dickie
  8. ebay mate, its an aluminium style badge, there good quality too
  9. there 18s, not sure what they are called to be honest
  10. had my windows smoked the other week, just thought id put pics up. before and after!! also 2 pics off the old mk1 i just got rid off over xmas. http://s406.photobucket.com/albums/pp148/d...t=xmas08089.jpg
  11. ok cheers mate, piggy back ecu's are dodgy arnt they?? dont wanna bugger my engine up
  12. i like the type-r's but it would have to be the compressor if it was me, as they are a limited edition car with only so many built, its rarer and you only see them once in a bluemoon. you wont get a second look in a type-r. pull up in a compressor and it will turn heads.. ;) plus more value for your money
  13. i was quoted £295 for the re-mapping so not gonna bother, might as well upgrade other areas
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