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  1. Anybody know if the crankshaft sensor can checked without stripping the engine casing I have an intermittant starting problem .the sensor is suspected but MrT says it is a 2hr job to get at it to check if it is faulty And it is not faulty that is a 2 hr labour charge for nothing any ideas
  2. monty2

    Boot Flooding

    They are not under the spare wheel they are at the sides of the boot above the level of th boot mat the panels are at the sides and the vents are behind the panel about 3inch sq There was a big thread on this problem in the Auris club about 12 months ago
  3. monty2

    Boot Flooding

    Take off the panel in the boot to get at the jack' remove the jack and you will see a black platic vent there is one on both sides of the boot and these have been source of leaks on loads on of aurisis also the rear light cluster can be seen from there checkthis to
  4. monty2

    Goodbye Auris

    Thanks for all the comments guys, The Auris never let me down in over 3 years it was just the niggling little things when I first took delivery when new that were annoying.But it was always a bit small for my use which wasnt the cars fault. Having owned various Toyotas over the last twenty years I thought the build quality had slipped a bit, trims and panels look like they have been made small enough to fall into place rather than be a tight fit Anyway only time will tell if I should have put with Mr T
  5. monty2

    Goodbye Auris

    Goodbye Auris TR 2.0 D4D RIP Hello Kia Sportage hope I dont have as many teething problems
  6. Have a look at the curved bonnet hinge where it folds into the bulkhead mine was doing the same for ages until I noticed when I released the bonnet the Rattle stopped
  7. I tried them and they look like sticking plasters no matter how you cut them to shape so used touch up paint even that not perfect but looks better
  8. monty2


    There is a thread in the system somewhere some one answered the same question and said it was a timing chain
  9. monty2

    Auris D4D

    I tow a 1200kg van with a Auris TR 2.0 D4D and find it tows better than the 1.8 petrol Avensis I had before ,also it is a better tow match ratio for my caravan ,The Auris gives me about 30mpg when towing as opposed to the Avensis 20mpg
  10. NAA needs more spokes :o
  11. Mine was exactly the same water coming in through the rear light but when I went out on wet roads the water was all around the vent it can only be spray coming off the road see photo so it has been sealed around rim on the outside but you need to take the bumper off to do that
  12. Just checked mine this morning wet again all around the vent on the offside and carpet and boot lining going back into RRG on thurday for another go The vents are in the jack compartment and go into the rear bumper void I am just wondering if I had mud flaps fitted the spray of the rear wheels wouldnt find its way up to the vents It would be interesting to know if anyone with mud flaps fitted have had this problem it is definitely spray coming in from somewhere I have a towbar fitted which they origionally said was the problem which obviously isnt Maybe it would be better to cover the dam things up completely what are they there for anyway KINGOS a bit quiet on this one any thoughts Just got mine back for the second time resealed the vents and rear lights with silicon Wouldnt replace the boot carpet which was falling apart and smelly said it wasnt covered by the guarantee even though the fault was reported before it ran out Lets see what the next shower of rain brings
  13. In a word... No! I sort of forgot about it for a while, but having recently been enthused by the thread I took a look... See below! It's not sorted, a call to Mr T is on the cards. You certainley opened a can of worms with this one Dave
  14. HiGuys seen a nice Corolla Verso SR 2.2 d4d on a 08 plate thinking of trading my Auris TR 2.0 d4d for it to get a bit more room are there any things I need to look for Cheers