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  1. Changing the headlight bulbs can be hell on earth. If you’re dealing with the drivers side one that generally takes longer in that you have to remove the plastic cover in the engine compartment. Then you pull off the rubber seal protecting the light fixture and unclip the wiring device. The easy bit is taking the bulb out because you just unclip the thing that looks like a paper clip holding the bulb in. Clamping in the new bulb is the hard bit. The first time I did it I got lucky and it only took 30 seconds to clip the new bulb back in to place. I think you just have to push the clip into a locking position but on other attempts its taken me ages even though I'm doing just what I did first time round. It’s a ridiculous design and it doesn’t help that my car gets through several headlights a year. As long as you have a torch you can just about point it into the unit and see what you’re doing. Then replace the rubber seal which goes back on easy enough. The driver’s side bulb is a little quicker to change simply because there's no plastic covering the fixture. High'light' of the day!
  2. Looks pretty sweet, thanks. I take it the steering wheel controls are seperate?
  3. Cheers for the info. Can you change tracks and so on from the head unit? I notice it says 'ready for ipod (using additional adaptor)'. Id rather have one which also has 3.5 inch screen for DVD functionality but they dont seem to be as good for ipods Cheers
  4. Hi there Any ideas what in-car stereo I can get? I have a 7th Gen Celica which has a shocking stereo. I already have an all in one sub/amp and an existing ripspeed DVD player but the latter is pretty rubbish. It seems that a decent full dvd screen stereo is over £500 however I wish to spend no more than £350. I also wish to connect an ipod and have a stereo decent enough to have good sound settings for the sub. Seen the JVC KD-AVX44 3.5 touch screen ipod / dvd / divx so far (at £280) which looks about as good as it gets before the big spending. Will miss the big DVD screen but not how basic it is. Any tips would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  5. Cheers for the info, I might just have to do that!
  6. Hi, my sub has a built in amp. Its a Halfords job from a few years ago which I just ripped out my old Celica. It has a line in and line out both left and right. The old setup just used line in left and right to the Halfords stereo rear outputs. I have no idea what needs plugging where as I've not taken my current factory stereo out. Does anyone know how to take the stereo unit out? I can see a few screws by the air-con panel but no screws to disassemble the actual stereo. I don't want to break any parts on my nice new car :) Also does anyone know if you can set up a Celica Club account and use it within the space of a few hours because it looks to me like you have to send off your details with £10 (though you can pay on by CC). cheers
  7. Hi, I have a similar problem. I really want to keep the original stereo unit which looks like yours (mine is a 2003 Celica) but I dont think its possible to connect an ipod. This is probably possible with the pre face-lift sony version. I'm also trying to connect a sub to the original headunit. Someone said I need a low pass filter but I'm yet to find one. Let me know how you get on. Cheers
  8. Hi. I posted a similar topic on here a while ago but so far not installed my sub to my Gen 7 Celica. Its the 2003 VVTi model so is a face-lift version. I want to connect a sub and ipod to it. Does anyone know where I get a low-pass filter from to specifically connect my combined sub/amp to my factory stereo? I cant take the stereo out because I cant find any screws to unscrew. I can take the plastic off below the climate control section but don't know how to take the rest off. Lastly does anyone know if there are multichanger adapters for face-lift stereo? Cheers Dave
  9. Hey, thanks for the info! So how do I connect the sub to the stereo? My sub is an all in one 'Vibe' one. Cheers
  10. Hi, just went to Halfords and they didn't seem to know a great deal. They said if my stereo has an amp it wont be possible and even if it does I will have to sacrifice the rear speakers. They said its not possible to connect an ipod to factory stereo. I desperately want to keep my current stereo in so I don't ruin the car early on. I think I need an idiots guide to connecting it up
  11. Thanks for the info. I found some guidance on taking the head unit/stereo off. So I need some form low pass filter to convert sub wires to the stereo. Do you know how I can connect an ipod to the stereo? My old stereo has separate aux outputs but doubt new one does. Cheers
  12. How do people keep cars that old in such good condition. My dad had one of those in red, that was really good. Mileage is stupidly low for that
  13. I dont think new cars are meant to require much oil what so ever these days. Funnily enough my recent 1995 Celica had 229,000 miles on it and it was consuming about £10 of oil a month. The 2003 VVTi I'm purchasing has 150,000 miles on it and the only time it needs oil is during a service when they change it anyway.
  14. In the boot. Its a powered sub. I also want to see if I can connect my ipod to it but havnt seen the rear of the stereo unit yet. I'm hoping the dismantling of the stereo from the dashboard isnt to difficult. My old celica I didnt mind yanking things out but I want to keep the new one in good condition hence keeping the factory stereo. Cheers
  15. Ha, iv just written off one of those, in that colour. Mine was insured at the market value. I was dreading the price I'd get back from my insurance company 'Direct Line' but they offered £890. Thats about the going rate for a good condition 1995 Celica St with around 100,000miles. Mine wasnt in the greatest condition and had 229,000 miles on the clock. It was a real shame as it was running beautifully until that point, felt like it would go for another 100,000 miles and in the end it took a pikie on drugs to cause an accident.