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  1. I have an imported Celica St4 turbo J reg it was race prepared by OZ racing, does it have a chain or belt I would also like to know what 0il goes in the rear dif CKP
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    My GT4 is like the one pictured by siverspeed but the bonnet air intakes are on each side of the bonnet it is an import dec. mfg. 1989 on a G registration plate can anyone identify the exact model? CKP
  3. Hi I am new to the forum I have a Toyota Celica import GT4 circa 1989 prepared for racing by OZ of Stoke on Trent It was badly vandelized and deliberatly rammed and a few bits of internal trim are missing.It was left unused for several years, the engine was run on a regular basis and is otherwise OK. Needed a lot of work for MOT last year and more again this year now running well and when required very fast. Now fitted with a full stainless exaust. CKP