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  1. I live in the San Fernando Valley and I was wondering if other T.O.C. members in or near the L.A area would be intere sted in organizing a meeting somehow. I think it would be a great chance to meet, swap stories and info. I own a 93 Pseo and would love to meet other Paseo owners, as I personally know only one other Paseo owner. Reply if you are interested. Mythotical...
  2. LMFAO!!! Geeze I hope you did not use 5w50 in that thing, If you did, tell me. Did it burst into flames? The proper oil is 70w80 for cold climates and 80w90 for warmer climates. Have fun figureing out how to get the oil into the gearbox. B.T.W. it is a manual gearbox i presume.
  3. I have a 93 Paseo, and I reciently added a gender bent intake system to my paseo, involving a system from a corolla and a 93 civic. The corolla one is a short ram so it alone would suck. So I spliced on most of a honda civic intake system (cut off about 4") to the corolla system and routed it under my battery and into the void within the LH fender. The first thing i did was hit the freeway and one mile later "check engine light." Two days later the solution came to me in a dreem so i went to the local radioshack and obtained a 1/4watt 4.5ohm resister and in the parking lot spliced it into the wife conecting to the intake air temp sensor. I then hit the freeway and instantly noticed a little more power and poof the light was gone. Just thought I would share; Jeremy B)
  4. Believe it or not this is caused in the fuel pump area. Have somone go under and spray some boat foam around the front and back of the fuel pump. Be sure somone knows what the fuel pump looks like.
  5. I do live stateside, does the Yaris have rear independant suspention? If so there are aftermarket kits for adjustment. If it has a beam axle (non independant suspention) It is adjustable using "full contact shims) which are mounted between the spindal and the axle. Whad USDM car does the yarris resemble?
  6. As an alignment tech I can explain it, understanding it is up to you. A pull is most often caused by a camber problem. Camber is the inward or outward lean of the wheels. When looking at the wheels on a car from the front or rear, if you can see camber at all, it is too much (with the exception of BMW, MBZ and VOLKSWAGON). Anyway when the wheels apear to lean in at the top //---\\ this is called negative camber. When the wheels apear to lean outward at the top \\---// this is called positive camber. All cars will pull towards the wheel with the most positive camber or the least negitive camber. (EG ||---//= pull to the right \\---||= pull to the left and //---||= pull to the right ||---\\= pull to the left. (*think of a motorcycle as it goes in the direction it is leaned towards) Ahhh and now for the solution (demand that this angle is checked and do not try to fix this without expierance in doing so) A simple camber correction bolt can be installed on the strut(s) where the strut mounts to the spindle which will allow camber adjustment on the strut it is mounted to. IF you try this on youre own please note that this will dramatically effect toe! This leads me to the other but not as probbabl cause for the pull. The combined toe or inward or outward turn of the rear wheels can also cause a pull if they are not balanced or as a mirror image of eachother. (toe at the front wheels will never cause a pull but may cause the steering wheel to be off center and or excessive tire wear) E.G. as if looking down from the top of the wheels and "UP" on this page is towards the front of the car //---\\= positive toe and \\---//= negative toe. As far as the rear wheels go if one wheel has negative toe and the other has positive toe, tho they may bolth go in the exact same direction this effects the thrust angle*. The thrust angle is generally explained as the combined angle of left and right tow. so in other words if the rear wheels looked like this * (see example) (rear wheels) \\---\\= negitive thrust and will cause the front wheels to pull right. //---//= positive thrust and will cause the front wheels to pull left. (think of what happens to the axles of a skateboard when you lean to one side or the other) Solution; have theese angles checked and corrected. Most cars with independant rear suspention have some kind of rear toe and thrust angle adjustment. Some cars with beam axles (non-independant suspention) in the back can also be corrected, however this requires shims to adjust toe and thrust. And verry few can also be adjusted by shifting the rear axle in the correct direction. I hope this helps you solve youre problem and I hope this can explain alighnment solutions for you and all. If all els fails there is a chance of somthing being bent which would cause all sorts of problems. Most likely caster is effected which will lead to the replacment of some suspention componants (the only toyota modle with adjustable caster is the Supra) If the guy at the dealership or shop of youre choice does not understand this, print this out and bring it with you. If the guy has a problem with that have him e-mail me =) :hokus-pokus: Regards: Mythotical
  7. simple to make one if you have the works. find some #60 3" aluminum tube about 4' should do the trick then all you need is a breather for the pcc on the valve cover and a 16mm hole for the air temp sensor to fit and leave the small vacume hose off (the one that goes after the filter on top of the airbox) Manipulate the tube so it ends up going under the battery, make a hole for it to go in to the fender in front of the wheel well. one precaution is to be sure to include a bypass valve near the throttlebody side of the rig so you do not suck up any water in the rainy season. If you do not have the works for this, look around on ebay for a 90-94 corola short intake and a 91-95 honda civic intake and mate the two, with the short one on the throttlebody and use the bypass valve to connect the two. please note that you will need to splice on some wire to the temp sensor so it will reach the hole on the short intake. Good luck, have fun and let me know if all goes well. or if you need any more help.
  8. 17 mm to be exact and the calipers come off with two bolts per side, then the rotor practically falls off, Have fun, it really is that simple.
  9. Are you sure that the cup looking thing on the tranny side is pushed all the way in to the tranny? if not then here is a clue. Pull the wheel hub apart again and use the axle as sort of a slide hammer to insert the cup the rest of the way in, be carful not to tare the inner CV boot. There is a spring like snap ring inside of the transaxle that holds the cv in. it sounds like it was not quite in all of the way or the clip might have been broken. as far as the 6 bolts thing goes, you should not have had to tare in to it that far, usally a prybar between the tranny and the cv cup with a swift jolt seperates the cv from the tranny and as far as putting it back together the same thing only you use the axle as kind of a hammer to tap the cup back into the tranny. Hopfully the tranny is ok, attempting to drive it may have seriously damaged the splines in the transaxle. If the cv will not stay in when you pull on the cup with you're hand as hard as you can, you have to tare the tranny down and rebuild the lower half of the transaxle inorder to replace that clip and any damaged splines. Good luck, and let me know how it goes and if you need any more help.
  10. Not ever opening or do you have other symptoms? As far as I know If you disconnect the EGR, you gain a little top end power. The EGR it self only opens under strict conditions of heavy exceleration and when the engine is under a heavy load such as going up hill on the highway.
  11. mythotical

    Wtb Oem Head Unit

    If it is the same as the head unit for the 93 paseo, I have one for you. and if all els fails go to and posibly ebay