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  1. toyota corolla verso R1 Who has experience with the installation of LED http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-6000K-High-Power-H1-60W-6400LM-CREE-LED-Headlight-Kit-Hi-Low-Beam-Bulbs-/302082870965?hash=item46558aceb5:g:~S8AAOSwmLlX46Af&vxp=mtr
  2. Hello I bought the YATOUR ytm06 toy2 with the following cable. cntopperstar.en.made-in-china.…or-Apple-iPhone-5s-5.html I use this cabel because I would like to play music and charching the battery . I use this cable to connect the iPhone to both music playing music and recharge. The connection of the YATOUR on the radio is no problem. Issues: When I play spotify on my iphone 5s and connect with the cable usb and jackplug, I hear no sound. When I play on spotify iphone 5s and I only use the jack I hear music through the speakers of the car. I can also control the volume using steering whee
  3. I would like to connect the usb/aux (partnumber: 86190-0E030) to a cable whit a 6+6 connector which I can us to connect on the toyota W58810 radio/cd. What I need is: -USB Male to Male cable -R/C toy servo extension cable
  4. 2008 toyota corolla verso R1 radio/cdw58810 Hello I bought the next part toyota Toyota Brand - AUXILIARY CABLE - 86190-0C020. Now I am looking for a cable I can connect this with a 6 + 6 connector.
  5. Hello Hope you can help me: I got the Toyota w58810 cd/radio. I have connect xcarlink toyota usb sd interface for playing music on a usb. If I connect my iphone it won't play music! I would like the follow things: Playing music from my iphone via usb Playing usb for non iphone users! Which xcarlink do I need
  6. Oke the top compartment isn't going to open. So I need to know how I can disamble it. and repair the spring or............! What do I need to do Do I need to disamble the whole dashboard! if so is there a how to
  7. Thanks m8 I only need a how to
  8. Simple I got a short circuit to the indoor lighting, So I needed a new circuit board for the interior lighting. The wiring was oke only the plug was meleted. After repclacing the board and the plug works everythings fine except the light after opening the door. Because I assumed that the wiring and the the plug was oke the only possibilities was the board. After disassembly, I have measured the Board at work by a colleague and he give me the diagnose. We have not repaired the board because we did not have the proper tools. So I bought a used one at the same person where I boug
  9. I have a problem with the top compartment of the R1, The problem is the spring. Is ther someone around us who can assist me by posting how to.
  10. Problem solved, l have found the problem. In the fuse box driver side is a trip computer integrated systems (computers, Mutiplex Network Body) and there is a resistance 100Mohm defect. I have replaced him. I have some pictures
  11. Hi there I have a toyota corollo verso and I have a electric problem. The electric problems are When the doors are open the inner light goes on - no light is going on When I swits the innerlight, - it doesn't go on When I leave the head light on and I leave the car there is noise - I don't here a nois but the light is still on The digital clock reset itself. How do I solve this.
  12. Hi Sign in http://corollaversoii.forumactif.com/t1237-tutorial-attelage-remorque
  13. Maybe this will help: toyotamirror.pdf
  14. Thanks for your replay. Coming / Leaving Home is a system where you lights stay on for at least 30sec when you shut down your engine. This is very handy when you come home in the dark. This gives you some light in the darkness
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