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  1. do sv21 camry shafts fit 4agze gearboxes i really need to know

    Corolla Links

    could any other countries post on this thread too i wouldn't mind seeing what is available say in US and other countries
  3. the puple ones motor is being rebuilt at the moment hopefully pull 200kw at the treads this time
  4. yeah thats how mine looked before i attacked them lol the blue one was really take two with the kit so i learnt more of what i could and couldnt get away with . the side skirts are the part i like the most not many people would try attaching a 2 door side skirt on a 4 door car but ive got away with it really well kit prices bonnet $950 Aus Front Bar $850 Aus Side skirts $850 Aus Rear Bar $850 Aus
  5. it is two different kits on the two cars(assuming you went page two) i can pretty well make any kit fit these cars, they are very versitile when it comes to body lines but wow doesnt a kit make a differance lol the blue one is my favorite but the purple one is due for total 3D body kit later this year make a few people take notice i think it will be the ultimate package as far as secas go, or so every one keeps tellin me lol
  6. Ok guys the technical specs are the same on both motors and even the valve clearance seems ok so i will give it a go and let you guys no what happends if any one wants the technical specs of both motors email me zelios@dodo.com.au and i'll hook ya up with a site that has it all
  7. where bouts in the world are you
  8. I remembered the other night i found it in TOC it was in corolla performance parts click here a special thanks to who ever posted this as i like actually going through sites ive never heard of or seen before keep up the good work
  9. Got one of those stashed somewhere for the 4A-FE? I was on a site the other day that delt with turbo conversions for 4AFE but i cant remember what it was called but i'll look it up again for you
  10. I like the way you think!!! I think that will sole all my problems good advice
  11. thanks heaps for that i found the same lot of information on toysports web page along with a bit more but still no one can garantee the piston clearance on the valve assembly even though the pistons are dished instead of raised
  12. Just want more than 6psi of boost with out bending or breaking stuff i know that The bore size is the same but as said im just not sure if the skirts are the same? the jump in boost will create serious issues and i have a full set of ze piston that i can get cheap I dont really want to go to all the trouble of enlargeing coolant journals and stuff in the ze block and i like the extra oil squirters in the 20v block as well so really if the ze pistons go into the 20valve block i feel that this would be my most reliable path to follow
  13. here is a link to two of the fattest seca's in australia let me know what you guys think Zelios pictures and more
  14. Just wondering if any of the technical advisors can help me out with this little query I was wondering if the pistons would clear in bore stroke and whether the skirts and such would fit ????? they are the 8:1 ze pistons that im looking to transplant and the 20valve is a silver top Any help or tech advice would be greatly appreciated
  15. how you doin Im from NSW and have to tell ya that you can get the conversion done just about every where up here you can even do it ya self pretty easy!!! I have done the 20valve into rolla mine was a csi but hay you have to change the complete wiring harness any way its pretty much the same conversion engine mounts are the same brake upgrade must be done Levin front and disc rear is good enough only thing i can say is that you mark every wire and get an auto elect to check it after you wire it back up better off getting a halfcut more cost effective and you get front brakes and sometime added bonuses like strut braces and swaybars and stuff even if you cant use them you can sell them!! check out hot4s mag for installers or even get onto the site and email them they should be able to help ya out ps it then needs to be engineered thats why you do the break upgrade also to you need to upgrade your fuel pump and if i were you i would get the 12psi pulley straight up and change it while the motor was out if ya need any more help let me no :D