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  1. Replacing the air mass meter has fingers crossed sorted this problem out. £90 for it matchbox sized sensor tho. again thanks for all your help
  2. Hi I had my management light come on and ended up doing the very same thing as you and pulled the fuse every time the light came on. Later found out that the air mass meter was screwed. Toyota garage gave me 2 free diagnostics to find this out. Changed this part ( £90) and it solved the problem. A word of warning tho when the air mass meter fails it causes the engine to run very lean this is not good for the engine as does serious famage to the pistons etc. The air mass meter is located on the top rear of the air filter housing. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi thanks again for your reply. Bit the bullet and went to toyota dealer. They ran the diagnostics and decided that I need to change the air mass meter which is on the air filter housing. Says that there isnt anything wrong with the O2 sensors. So heres hoping that the air meter fixes the problem. Will find out tomorrow when I get the new part and fit it. Will let you all know how I get on. Cheers for now
  4. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I know where the heatshield is, but what is the maniverter? And where exactly is it? I have not seen 2 sensors in that area. Do I need to remove the heatshield? The heatshield has 1 attachment on it, is this the O2 sensor. Also in reply to an earlier post, how do you reset the trip correctly? Again many thanks for any help/advice given, its very much appreciated.
  5. Hi I have the same problem on my x reg avensis 1.8 vvti. Two questions, 1. Where is the o2 sensor and how easy is it to change myself? 2. Where is the lambda sensor and again how easy is it to change this? Car just sailed thru MOT so i would think that if it was a Cat problem it would have failed on the emission. Could this be right or can the emissions still be ok with a knackered cat? Ecu was changed less than 2 years ago so hopefully it wont be that. Any help whatsoever would be much appreciated. Have also found out that by just pulling the efi 15amp fuse and putting it back in clears the problem, even if its only temporary. Many thanks
  6. Hi, hope anyone can help me with this one. Just about to renew my insurance and for the first time I am being asked what class of alarm is fitted to my x plate alensis 1.8 gls. Does anyone know if it is thatcham approved, if it is does this cover the immobiliser also? They are also asking about the TVSS. Is this the standard toyota alarm fit. Any help would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Andy
  7. Hi, could anyone help me. sometimes when i am turning the steering on my x plate gls there is a loud squealing noise. what is this? is it a common thing? Many Thanks andy
  8. hopefully this will be the last update from me on this problem. finally got the car back from the garage on friday. the problem was all down to a loose earth under the dash somewhere!!! supposedly the nut was loose and 1 of the 6 wires connected to it was detached, and another was loose. all in all a very expensive episode just glad i didnt have to pay for it. beware if your fuel pump keeps going when the engine is off, look for the earth wires.
  9. further to this subject i have been informed by my dealer that there is no future planned update discs as the have now progressed onto a dvd based sat nav system which covers the whole of europe on 1 disc. unfortunately u need to upgrade ur box at at cost of about £800 and the dvd cost around £200. not a very cheap option really
  10. ps: the toyota dealer was steven eagell in milton keynes. they could not have been any more helpful. thoroughly recommend them if u are in this area
  11. new update to this problem. garage i bought car from (camden renault, steer clear) finally decided it would be best to send car to a toyota dealer , who after not very long indeed found the problem. it was a faulty fuel pump. an item i highlighted to the selling garage as soon as i found the fault. so fingers crossed it should now be fixed. to the tune of around another £300+ for camden. all in all it seems to have cost them around £1500 to fix the car. that will teach them to do a proper pre delivery service from now on. thanks for all the feedback from my fellow members :D
  12. well here is the next installment. got car back from garage today(friday), and as soon as it was back on the drive and the fault returned and to top it all the fan belt is now screeching like mad. dont i have such a brill garage!!!!!!!!!
  13. just to let you all know my last message turned out to be a lie. but the garage have now found the fault and it is the main engine ecu that is faulty, to a tune of £790. but hey the garage that i bought the car from have got to pay. haha. that will teach them to sell me a faulty motor.