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  1. with a decat i foumnd the car revved alot better, pulled harder than stock. as for higher top end mate you need a bigger gear box for that as the box limits your top end really
  2. Seab

    Jdm 'rs' Badge

    if you want an RS badge try osaka autodesign in south wales they have them instock for the yaris
  3. mine before she went back to standard, and goes to be replaced with my glanzaV
  4. june 7th is the sva mate. will send you some pics when i get my msn back working
  5. copy cat. just because i told you i was swaping from a t sport to a glanza
  6. denzil evans 01267 234171 in carmarthen have always looked after me and my dad's toyotas very helpful and can always get what you want. they will be looking after my EP91 when i pick it up.
  7. Seab

    Cheap Black Ts

    shame you dont want thunder grey my P2 is up for grabs :!Removed!:
  8. Seab

    The Vvti Badge

    rust? its made of plastic dude.any polish should bring it up mint again
  9. well corupt someone into buying mine then i will worship you! lol
  10. got mine in pro speed in cardiff, and may i add IVE NEVER HAD THE WARNING LIGHT COME ON (dont know why, but not complaining)
  11. cost me £70, made it sound much throatier and my ecu light aint come on once :D
  12. Seab


    at least they thought to tell you that lol, all i got was 'yea we can get them they £300 a wheel, oh with tyres on top' naa the stud pattern is the same mate and the offset is fine they fit no problems, just remember low profile tyres lol
  13. Seab


    well you have seen mine dropped 40mm with corolla T sport rims and they suit it no rubbing (well there wont be when i take the corolla JEEP tyres off lol)
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