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  1. Hi. I have changed the batteries in both and they still only work sporadically. The LED is bright, then dull, then bright again - like there's a dirty connection, but I can't find where. I tried the keys in the ignition when alarm is sounding ... doesn't work. Where can you get replacements? Seems hardly worth it on a £500 car unless they are under £20.
  2. Hi All. Both my key fobs are failing on Avenisis 2002. How can I use just the keys? When I open with the key only, the alarm sounds. Is there any way of disabling the alarm and just using the key? Any help appreciated !
  3. Hi All I installed a "no holes" reversing sensor in my Avensis rear bumper but it beeps randomly. I read somewhere else that it's probably they earth connection and when I test the voltage between the earth bolt and the reversing light, it's about 9.8 volts. The actual battery read 11.94V. Therefore, any idea how to find a good earth around the light cluster ? I tried the three visible bolts with the same result. Maybe the lights actually only work at 9 volts ? What earth do the lights use, I can't find one. Any tips appreciated ! Cheers :)
  4. What year is your car and how much did you get the sensors for. I want to get some for my car. How about these for 50 quid ? Anyone tried them ?
  5. Hi I can't see what it is you're looking at on your link.... however, have a look at these for 50 quid - do they look the same ? Thinking of getting one soon.
  6. Got a digital gauge, they all read 29.5 so maybe I'm now under !
  7. Hi All I check the tyres at different garages about once a month and depending on which garages I go to, the difference can be quite significant i.e. the BP round the corner made me pump them all up from 29 to 32 ..... so the last two gauges I used have read 3 lbs differently. So how do you get an accurate one ? Will a +/- of 3 lbs make any difference to economy or safety ?
  8. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Won't PTFE spray make the belt slip ? What am I missing here ?
  9. Hi All I hope someone can advise what may be wrong with my Avensis - there's a whistling noise from the fan belt area, it's more noticeable on idle. You can't hear it with the windows shut and going along but noticeable when u open a window. It's not a slipping belt, not loud enough. I suspect a bearing ... can I oil all the spindles ? Or would this be fatal to an alternator...? Or how do I find out which one is casuing it ? Any tips appreciated :)