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  1. RYX

    My Rusty New 09 Aygo

    anchorman, not butting in at all! Appreciate your comments. Well I was furious about this initally, especially as I noticed it on day 2 of ownership. The trouble is now, I've almost accepted that it "is only cosmetic" (which I personally believe it is too) and am happy for them to clean and paint offending rusty parts. If however I had the fortune of reading your comments a couple of weeks ago I may well have taken a different tack. I'm going to ensure they leave it on the ramp for me to inspect on collection and hope that will be the end of it. Cheers ....
  2. RYX

    My Rusty New 09 Aygo

    Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated. I have to say I'm in no way worried about this. It's just frustrating buying a new car that really shouldn't be like this. If I'd have noticed it the day I collected it I certainly wouldn't have driven it away. Intrestingly enough, my dealer sent a follow up email :- "I have just received a phone call from Toyota customer relations who have now advised me to arrange an appointment and organise repainting of the corroded items. Customer relations are prepared to accept the costs incurred." I don't really see how they can paint them without making a mess of things (overspray etc) so I'm inclined to leave it. As others have said, it's only cosmetic. At least now I have the option so I'll have a think.
  3. I collected my new car last Monday (2nd). I thought the brakes were a bit noisy so had a look the next day. These are the pics of my day old car. And here is my dealer's response that I received today ... "I have just received notification from Toyota GB warranty department reference claim no xxxxxxx, whereby the claim submitted for consideration of the reported rusty components has been rejected due to the parts being "only covered in cosmetic rust." On inspection of further Toyota Aygo's on site I can confirm that these vehicles also have the same finish as you have reported. Although the components appear to have an inferior finish we are assured this would have no detrimental effect on the mechanical working of the component." Personally I think it's shocking but have to agree with their comments.
  4. RYX

    Price Help Please

    I'm trading in my AYGO Black - 27k miles (registered July 2006) with protection pack, mud flaps and Air for a facelifted Black with the same spec. to be collected next Monday. All I'm paying is £3800. As you say, there are some good dealers and some not so good.
  5. RYX

    Aygo Scuff Plates

    Could you post back if / when you get a pic of the new ones? I can't see how they'll be an improvement to be honest.
  6. The trouble is new doesn't mean new. They're built and stockpiled in a huge car park somewhere. In January I made enquiries about a facelifted AYGO - they said 1 week delivery. So they're already built!
  7. If they're replacing the discs under warranty they're admitting they're defective ( ie. not from wear and tear). If that's the case then that's why the pads need replacing (as the discs are defective). Mine's done just close to 30k and no mention of brakes when it was last serviced. Stand your ground mate !
  8. RYX

    Car Mats.

    I found some on eBay £28 inc. postage ==> Link ...
  9. Voilla! Phone mount is just stuck on top of the Brodit clip mount which has a flat plate.
  10. RYX

    Gear Ratios

    :) Many thanks Jan.
  11. RYX

    Gear Ratios

    I can't find this published anywhere. I'm after the speed for all the gears per 1000 RPM. Failing that can anyone do this for me at 2000 RPM (probably easier to achieve). Sorry but I have no rev counter. Many thanks in advance.
  12. RYX

    Rear Wiper

    Could someone please give me the size of the Corolla rear wiper arm from the pivot to the centre of the blade? And also the size of the blade itself. I currently own an Aygo but am unhappy with the sweep of the wiper on the rear window. Apart from changing the blade for a longer one a better option would be to put on a longer arm. The Yaris pivots from the right but the Corolla I believe pivots from the left. Also does anyone know where to get the "moulded plastic" type of blades in various sizes as most accessory shops only sell the metal ones. Many thanks...
  13. RYX

    Horn Location?

    Ahhh... a sensible answer :P Cheers....
  14. RYX

    Horn Location?

    Can someone tell me where the horn in located as I want to change the feeble beeper. Many thanks....
  15. RYX

    Aygo Ordered

    Delivery this week? How the hell did you that? Are they going to beam it from the fabric to your dealer :D No idea. But both dealers I was talking to said delivery within 2 weeks. Surprised me too !!