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  1. Hi first post having just had my new aygo delivered last week (lease scheme through work 3 miles on the clock when it came off the lorry) just needed a small car to run back and forward to work, owned a Yaris verso a few years back so not a major petrol head! I've found the engine very noisy at low revs, so much so it's been called 'growler' by my wife. It is much noisier than her diesel qashqai. Almost sounds like the exhaust is blowing. Fairly sure the car I test drove wasn't this noisy. As its a lease car, I havent had any details on servicing etc sent through but the delivery driver said just take it to the nearest dealer. So before I do that just wondered whether this is a normal thing for a new Aygo? Thanks for help
  2. Hi Kingo, its a T (1999) plate, 2.0 vx claims to have top spec,lol it has leather seats and air con. The garage are also fitting a new clutch hence why we thought it would be a good idea. Thank you everyone for your help. Many thanks Tara :P
  3. Hi, its us again..lol... thought as the Rav4 is going in for major operation to the clutch area, thought we would kill all possible future problems by replacing the timing Belt as well. We have been quoted £300.00 plus vat for the job, can you tell us if this a fair price....many thanks. Tara
  4. My wife's RAV needs a new clutch - its slipping after only 70k miles - guess its towed a lot of heavy things. Anyhow, our local "friendly" garage has quoted us £699 plus vat to replace it - was expecting a few quid to do this but this is about £300 more than I thought. Says it needs 10 hours labour due to the Aircon unit - any idea if this is a reasonable price? Seems a lot of time to unbold a few bits and bolt them back on........If not, any recommendations of a reasonable garage in the somerset/devon area? Its a 5 door 2.0 litre 1999 VX. Thanks for any help
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