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  1. aralph

    Rear Wiper

    Does anyone know where I can get a rear wiper for my Avensis 2008 Estate 2.2D, ashamed to say it is beginning to grow on me. Bought my wife a golf, great instrument panel at night much better than the Avensis IMO but I think I prefer the Avensis for shuttling back and forth to work although the headlights are dreadfull even after changing all the bulbs which was painfull !! Any help on the wiper would be greatly appreciated, would prefer to avoid going to the stealership
  2. Damn, that is what has just been despatched to me... :(
  3. HI, I am considering changing the bulbs on my 2008 Avensis as the lights are dreadful, plan to change both main and dipped. The two bulbs I am considering at the moment are: Osram Night Breakers + 90% More light (£38.85 for both sets) Ring Xenon Max (£39.10 for both sets) Has anyone tried these, I am aware that the Ring bulbs have reduced UV to protect the plastic lenses. Does anyone know of any other decent bulbs. My last car had Xenons which were fantastic, then going to the Avensis it sees a step back into the dark. My wife has had a fabia which I changed the bulbs on and now she has a Golf which has fantastic lights. Cheers Alan
  4. Hi, I am planning to go on holiday with my Avensis Tourer next week across France and have thought about getting the Belkin Tunebase FM2. Has anyone used one or similar? I tried a cheaper version on my Saab 95 and it was dreadfull, something to do with the special glass that was fitted. The radio could nto pick up the signal. Any comments appreciated. Cheers Alan
  5. Has anyone fitted headlight deflectors to their Avensis, I am off on holiday in a couple of months and have been pondering this one as the shape of the headlights is a bit out of the norm and I would hate to buy a set then try and fit them just before we go away. Alternatively is there a way to adjust the headlights for driving on the continent? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car is a 58 Avensis Estate 2.2D Cheers
  6. Hello, I have a Toyota 2.2d Avensis Estate TR 58plate and I have to say it is the worst car I have ever had. One week from New, puncture. Could not remove the wheel as the locking nuts had been broken when they were put on. The wheel was damaged when it was finally removed and about three weeks later it was replaced. Soon afterwards the SatNav started playing up. This has never been resolved depsite Toyota UK getting involved. This morning the car would not start. Phoned RAC and they say that it was due to the cold. The temp readout was -14deg C. The local radio station said it had been down to -19deg C during the night. I only buy Shell fuel. All the neighbours cars started. Not all of them petrol. The car is uncomfortable, the wife especially thinks so. My old car was a Saab so yes I did move from a v comfortable car. As discussed on here the headlights are the equivalent of candles. I really wish I had not bought this car. If this is the vaunted Toyota Reliability then it is not very good. Glad that is off my chest.
  7. Boy that made me laugh.... Cheers made my day.. I have reported it to the local stealership 2 weeks ago, so they have tested it on a demo and the same thing is happening on that, so waiting for a further reply from them.
  8. Depending what mood I am in, Cross of Iron - Sam Peckinpah anti war film Shawshank Redemption - What Can I say.. Green mile - Another Stephen King adaption. Although give me half an hour and I will change my mind. TV Series would be Band of Brothers
  9. Read TFM a number of times and have turned the BEEP of a number of F times.
  10. Thanks 2912pwil, that is really useful regarding a satnav question. To answer your rant, yes we are in a recession no matter what the politicians say. So I bought a new car, I chose a car made in the UK. Although I would rather have had a car made in Europe with a premium badge but I thought NO lets keep the money in the country and try to help safeguard british jobs. Does that mean I should put up with something that annoys me? Should I not ask a question on a forum designed for people to talk about cars? Should I hang my head in shame because I made an effort to fix the economy? If anyone has any answers to the SatNav question please help..
  11. I have a 58 Avensis TR Estate 2.2D with the full screen colour SatNav. I go into the menu turn the *Beep* off and then two days later the *Beep* is back on. Is this normal.. If so it is *Bleeped* annoying.. The car is a month old and already been back twice, due to alloy wheel problems and locking bolts. Please help..
  12. I have a new 2.2D Avensis TR with the large screen SatNav B9010. I have been into the menu and turned the key beep off but it keeps coming back on. How do I permanently switch it off? Also is it possible to change the voice of the SatNav? i normally like to keep a bottle of oil in the car, is this oil Semi or Fully synthetic or just mineral? Cheers for any answers.
  13. Hi, When I get back from a holiday I am picking a new Avensis 2.2D 150 TR Tourer up, is there anything to look for on this car, any problems with them coming out of the factory? Another question, the dealership want about £500 to put a CD changer in the boot, is this something that can be done by a car audio installer ? The car comes with the big screen SatNav My current car (Saab) is too complicated for car audio dealers to touch due to the TECH II system and wiring. Cheers
  14. Hello Everybody!! (In Nick Riverias Voice) I am about to dip my toes in Toyota ownership having had Swedish and German cars for the last 20+ years. Hoping to pick a new Avensis TR Tourer up on the 8th September to replace my Saab 9-5 3.0 TiD Vector Sport Estate. Main reason for change ? Reliability and Cost of servicing, Parts. Hope it is everything it is cracked upto be. I will be posting under the avensis forum askign for things to look for when picking this model up new. Cheers
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