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  1. ahhh right!! i get you now, sweet im happy i understand it a bit more, god no, i was looking at them but the bloke whos doin my car said he needed to know the pressure it could take so i coughed up 500 large ones for the aussie manifold and it looks sweet as!! just gotta get a few more power mods and a couple handling ones and shes about there! cheers for your help tho guys, massively appreciated,
  2. yea the bloke thats doin it has routed it really well, doesnt go anywhere near the manifold an it looks the mutts nuts, jus waiting for a few hoses to be made an delivered an shes back on the road, so if the turbos cooled through the main radiator what does the top mount do?? i took the top mount off when i swapped manifolds to a tubular, and there were two small pipes that fed the red oil/water??? to the turbo! i dunno if im worryin over nothing but the last thing i want is my turbo packin up because thats the last thing i want to be coughing up for!
  3. bates374

    black betty

    my celica gt-4 st205, shes changed quite abit, but new photos to come soon when i get her bak
  4. right guys i have a st205, and at present im getting a front mount intercooler, now i know that the turbo is water cooled from the standard top mount, but now thats redundant and being removed whats going to cool my turbo?? do i need to get a kit or something? or will it be fine without it? if anyone has had a frontmount and knows the score and can give me any help it will be massively appreciated, cheers guys
  5. right i have just bought and painfully fitted a new fancy manifold and went to put the top mount intercooler on which now doesnt fit!! so im now carless and in pusuit of a FMIC, any ideas where to get a decent one from without breaking the bank, and what do i have to do with the oil feed that goes from the original cooler?? is there a kit i need to buy for that or something?? i know im going to needitstill to cool the turbo bearings down, any help will be massivly appreciated as im with out my beast so i want to get her back on the road ASAP!! cheers nick
  6. :( i need some help asap!! just had my beloved GT-4 (st205) on the ramps at work and although its not gleaming underneath its not too bad for her age, but... i fount a couple bushes that are a little more than sloppy! i have searched every possible source to get hold of some but to no avail! not even powerflex do them, they are the front lower sub assembly No2 bushes, left and rigt side, now im a mechanic so i have all the equipment to replace them myself, Fensport do the whole arm but they aretrying to pull my pants down at £226 a side +VAT!!! so please help me, MOT is up soon an i know theywill pick it up!! any help will be greatly appreciated cheers
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