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  1. When we go to collect our car if there are more than 10 miles recorded then i will not accept it. This is due to an issue that I had with Smart last year. I was driving home after collection and switched from the trip meter to the mileometer only to find 47 miles recorded, phoned dealer when I got home and salesman told me that the car had been used for an accompanied test drive. When i started to make an issue of this the dealership started to lie saying that the car had been driven from another dealer. I went direct to Smart with the issue and they were useless and seemed to be on the dealers side rather than the customer. The whole thing was so unpleasant that I vowed never to stray away from Audi/Vw with whom I have delt with very happilly for many years. However when my wife said she wanted an Aygo I dropped a line to Toyota customer service to test the water so to speak. All I can say is if the reply is representitive of Toyota customer service then I enter into this purchase with full confidence. Geoff.
  2. These things are total crap and should be avoided at all costs. Best bet, :) eat less pies, loose some weight, improve power to weight ratio, Q.E.D. Geoff.
  3. The dealer we ended up going too was very laid back, quoted 10/11 weeks then said it would be so close to September plate change may as well leave it till then. Geoff.
  4. Thank you very much. Geoff.
  5. Hi Thats just what we have ordered. Can I ask you we have now had quite a bit of rain and doubtless you have washed it, any sign of leaks ?. Thanks. Geoff.
  6. Has anyone removed the rear seat from a 5 door. The reason I ask is that I have ordered a Blue for our second car and as we tend to take our Golden Retriever with us a lot it looks like we could free up a lot of useful space by removing the rear seats. Also does anyone know of a stick on clear plastic film which protects paintwork. Thanks. Geoff.
  7. You are totally right and as long as everybody play's the game then there is no problem, however if you have had an experience similar to the one that I had with a Merc. dealer over a Smart then you will know that things can get quite difficult. When I collect my Aygo I will be checking it over in great detail before I do any paperwork and if I have any concerns they will be addressed there and then or I will walk away. Once Bitten. Geoff.
  8. Hi, Have ordered a Blue And hope to take delivery in a few weeks, just a little concerned by the reports of "leaking" cars on this forum. Is there a definitive answer to the question:- Are the latest cars leak free ?. Probably being a little "twitchy" as I had a problematic Smart ( I know, I know) last year and it was very difficult to resolve once I had taken delivery. Geoff.
  9. What have others been quoted on a Blue, we have been told 10/11 weeks. Regards. Geoff.
  10. Ouch, 10-11 weeks :o Did you order VSC, or is that just the standard Aygo Blue? Standard.
  11. Ordered a Blue, 10 to11 weeks delivery. Geoff.
  12. Thanks folks. Regards. Geoff.
  13. Hi. Just on the point of giving up the bike and buying a Blue for the commute and as a general run around. Tried something similar previously buying one of the new Smart Fortwo cars, absolutely hated the thirsty horrible thing. Drove the Aygo today and was mightily impressed but a quick question on here is of great value. Had a quick look round the forum and cant find too much to worry about, any thing that you think that i should be aware of would be much appreciated. Thanks. Geoff.
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