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  1. Bought a 2018 Hybrid last October and it's the best car I have owned and great on fuel considering it's a 2.7 petrol and battery, 39.5 mpg and I have not done any long trips so far yet.
  2. Hi

    I hope everyone can see this as my last post went missing.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase some Door Sill Protectors /Sill Scuff plate covers for my new Rav4 Hybrid 

  3. I need some door edge protectors for my new Rav4 Hybrid.

    Can anyone suggest a known working source, please

  4. Thanks for the replies, I will take a look and replace my filter if necessary. I have only done 62000 since I purchased it from new, so I don't do excessive milage in a year.
  5. I have had Rav4 from new 08 plate 2.2 XTR. I used to get roughly 46 miles to the gallon (according to the display on the dash panel). It has reduced over the past few years and now I only get 40. I don't drive any faster and the car has been serviced every year by the Toyota dealership I purchased it from. What can I do to raise it back up to what it used to be? Is there an additive or is it a service replacement/repair.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will give a bumper repair man a call and go from there. Cheers everyone, MC and HY
  7. I Need a new Rear Bumper.. I backed around a corner in a unlit lane and hit a low post. I was wondering if anyone can recommend where I can get a new one? I don't know if I can use the sensors that are in the old one? Any help would be appreciated on where to get one and are they easy to fit myself?
  8. Thanks for the help guys. It fitted in less than 5 minutes and looks great..
  9. Thanks Denshaw your a star Does it come with fitting instructions and do I need special tools or is it just stick-on?
  10. I have a Rav4 08 plate 2.2 diesel D4D. I have badly scratched the top part of the bumper, just below the rear door getting something heavy out of my boot. I can remember some time back that there was a part you could put over this area to protect it. I would appreciate any feed back. Jeff (whipitonce)
  11. Thank you I will give it a try, and hope for a full nights sleep
  12. Hi, I have a 2008 Rav4 that is driving my neighbours and me potty. The alarm goes off any time it wants to day/or and night. I have tried not locking it with my fob and just using the key on drivers door but after a short while it starts beeping again. Is there a procedure for disabling the alarm but leaving the car locked. Thanks ( any help would be appreciated) I searched the forum but no results applicable...
  13. Sent you an email about your above post ....:D
  14. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for new tyres for my Rav4? It still has it's original Yokohama's after 37000.. Mine are 225/ 65r 17 101H. I have had one quote for 4 Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV 225/65 R17 102H at £510 from a local dealer and thats fitted and balanced. Any info welcome..
  15. I have a Rav4 Diesel 2.2 2008 since new, and I have never reset the miles per gallon display and after 4 years it displays between 46.7 47.7 depending on the length of runs I do it has now done nerarly 39000 miles. I am more than pleased with this performance. Where ever I drive I set the Cruise Control to the current roads speed limit, and hardly ever break the speed limit.
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