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  1. Parts King! ....yep you were right - replaced the bulbs and all now works fine .....Garage had real job changing the passenger side bulb!!! total pain to do that side.
  2. Hi problem on my 2003 1.6 auto Corolla the side lights work and full beam too....but the main lights don't ....on both sides .....got me thinking it might be the fuse. So looked in the fuse box ....see attached and the 'Head main' 40amp is missing ....seems a bit odd. Is it worth me buying on and putting it in to see if that is the issue? thanks in advance any responses.
  3. Hi, was thinking of new discs and pads all round for my Corolla 2003 1.6 auto 80K miles (uk)found these Mtec discs: http://www.mtecbrakes.co.uk/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&zenid=&drop_1=TOYOTA&drop_2=Corolla+Mk+IX+Hatchback&drop_3=1.6i+VVT-i+1598cc+%28E12%29+%28ZZE121%29+Year%3A+02-&keyword=TOYOTA+Corolla+Mk+IX+Hatchback+1.6i+VVT-i+1598cc+%28E12%29+%28ZZE121%29+Year%3A+02-&submit=Search can anyone: 1) recommended pads? and how much? 2) How much I should pay to get discs and pads done? - was thinking 2 hours * £30 per hour = £60 notes 3) any ideas who cou
  4. Hi this sounds a good idea - anyone any ideas where you could get them fitted in north London or thereabouts?
  5. test

    Auris Mmt

    Hi also just out of interest what is the rev counter reading in 5th/6th and MMT at 70mph
  6. test

    Auris Mmt

    Hi also just out of interest what is the rev counter reading in 5th/6th and MMT at 70mph - was reading Mazda forum and dudes were saying 3500rpm at 70mph which is a bit "buzzy" for me - my corolla is @2800 which is comfortable. thanks
  7. test

    Auris Mmt

    Hi not considered the hybrid (upfront cost reasons - am a cash buyer - £17.5K for a 1.8 VVTi Hybrid T4 5dr CVT Auto) am looking at Mazda 3 and Honda Civic autos to match against the £14 price for a new Auris 1.6 V-Matic TR 5dr MM. Prices from drivethedeal - who are very good imho Am tempted to pay less (£10k) and get a one year old Mazda auto or a ford focus manual from motorpoint - choices ..choices ....but would prefer another Toyota but has to make sense.
  8. test

    Auris Mmt

    Hey Tonylwt, Any improvement - am interested in buying Auris MMT (own Corolla auto) but need to know if its any better now - or wait for next Auris (2012??)
  9. hi Mr T is quoting me £350 (part and fitting) anyone think this is unreasonable? - of course this is on the basis that this is the problem as AA dude looked for 2 mins - but did seem to know what he was doing.
  10. hi called the club toyota (AA now not RAC) and the dude reconed that its "auto gear selector cable broken" and can dump my car at Mr T and ideas on who else can fix this and likley cost - in llandudno (Wales) so not amused - loveley place (for the locals) thanks
  11. Hi just reversed my 2003 auto corolla (80K miles) off the drive - put in drive and nothing happening - seems to be stuck in reverse as cannot push it - put it in drive/reverse/low and just revs some sort of tranmission issue or clutch? any ideas on the issue is and what it will cost to fix - visiting friend in wales (Llandudno) and now look stuck. thanks for any input
  12. hi, yeah kwik fit refunded me without question which was nice but still need to get it sorted and was not sure about using them again. How did you fit you bulbs - Mr T took the bumper off last time to do it.
  13. Hi, Have 03 uk Corrolla 1.6 auto - very nice car owned from new (and ready to replace with new Auris when recall thing has blown over) but having an issue with 2 things 1) air con - never been 100% (or anywhere near as good as my old ford focus) had it refilled a kwik fit and now does not work - i think all the gas has leaked out (?) is it work refilling again - or given the age of the car getting it all resealed and stuff?? live in North London btw 2) main beam lights - one has gone (again after last replacement one year ago) and need to get it replace (H7 bulbs I think)- any recommedations
  14. Hi, I have a corrolla (2003 auto) and the passenger side main head light has gone. I have looke around and was thinking of getting 2 new main headlights I think I need: Driver side: HB3/9005 Passenger side: HB4/9006 and was going to get: HB4 (9006) 12V 55W Osram Silverstar 50% (pair) for £23 and HB3 (9005) 12V 60W Osram Silverstar 50% (pair) for £23 from www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk Anyone know if I have this right or should be looking at another supplier??? Also I was going to get MR T to fix them - how much do you reckon that would cost? thanks
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