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  1. Lower it it handles so much better. And i dont hit any humps with a 40mm drop. It was the best upgrade i did on my paseo.
  2. I have the Green induction. But like most of us who have it I was curious on how to get more cool air into the intake and engine bay. 1 quick and easy way to do this is to remove the plastic that surrounds the bonnet catch, this allows a bit more of a free flow of air too the intake. Job done. Next step for me is to add a second intake pipe from below and in front of the radiator. I have found that modding the engine bracket (bending it in a vice) I can make enough room for a big alloy hose to squeeze under the Green intake hose and thus suck some more cold air to my big breather.
  3. Check out jap inport paseo for sale in autotrader uk. Looks sweet. Auto trader?
  4. Its a shame your so far away as I would be very interested. Im on the south coast.
  5. what are the rear pods? any pics. cos i realy need a whole new rear bumper.
  6. :o That is cheap? Am V.tempted. How much is the postage for the whole kit? IE if i go for a whole kit as well then it will arround £550-£600??? I was saving for new wheels but the kit looks like too good to miss out on.
  7. good advice always welcome thanx
  8. Maleborn1967 Sorry to be ask a stupid question. Superstrut good or bad superstrut 1 0r 5 struts ta
  9. Cheers. u got it all from demon tweeks?
  10. Finaly thanks to some free hosting a pic taken with my camera phone.
  11. cheers for th image hosting advice. 2 coats of the savage red spray from motor world, a can costs £10.00. My only real advice would be to remove the lights 1st, tape over reflectors, and spay about 30cm from the lights. As i did 1 and held the can 2 far away and i got a mat finish . so went over it again. Sorted.
  12. Looking good. How much was it all not including the filter. when i get some time off il sort mine out. Cheers
  13. how can you tell if its a super strut model?
  14. dont have any web space at mo so cant show pics.