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  1. Bad luck, mate. Since i got my 'seo, i've been broken into, had kids (accidentally, im assured) scratch the doors with bikes, and just a couple of weeks ago, some old french guy reversed into it THREE TIMES in a mercades version of the challenger tank, bending the bonnet up at one side and totally wrecking my back bumper on a massive audi that was parked behind me. I think my car is cursed.........
  2. At least we haven't seen the word "blingin'" for a while......... :D
  3. cool! this guy's in boness, and from what i've heard, he's !Removed! good!
  4. I am indeed talking about the backpipe. i got no exhaust and the guy's going on holiday on friday, so i had to take to make a snap decision based on what he has in stock now....
  5. Where are you? Exactly the same thing happened to me this week, and I've got a guy doing a custom 3" backpipe and silencer for me for 140 quid. :D Check out for his website. You'd prolly get an entire system for less than a standard yota one!
  6. Name: Jon Jacobs Age: 24 I'm from Edinburgh and I make my money (hahahahahahahaha! etc.) as a musician, playing guitar and singing in bands and teaching. I know absolutely jack about cars, so I came on here with the hope of learning a bit. My previous cars were: A vauhall cavalier (crud, totalled it on the west coast of scotland 'cos I tried to make it turn a corner a wee bit faster than it actually could, my neck still makes funny sounds if i turn my head too fast.....), An ancient Nissan Bluebird (which was actually pretty cool) and a citroen saxo, so as you can prolly imagine, I've never had anything worth tuning (until now). Used to play a bit of Rugby, but I discovered that smoking and drinking were actually much more fun.
  7. The only thing that you'll wreck is the speakers, the amp should handle it fine, as long as you're not asking it to put out too much current (i.e. you've got too many speakers hooked up without a splitter), and even then you'd have to give it an absolute humping! Take a look at your speakers while you're playing it - if they look like the cones are extended continuously, they can't handle the frequencies and will prolly end up :censor: Watch out though, cos one of those cds blew my 2kw P.A. speakers........ That really hurt.
  8. Like a small, frightened rodent trying to hide.....
  9. I'm with Chappers here. Never heard of a Casualty Reducton Unit.......
  10. Not bad at all, mate. You aren't in Scotland are you? One of the guys in my band has a 200sx (s14. It's pushing 263bhp!! crazy stuff...) and he had his car dyno'd on saturday. He said he saw a sera there.