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  1. Have 153000 km on my Aygo which is about 95000 miles and the only issue I have is oil consumption, which is about 1L every 8000km so not a big deal. Just got my NCT(the Irish MOT) yesterday, it went through without any fails or advisories. Car has always been serviced by Toyota which I think helps. The handling on standard suspension is a bit cr*p so I fitted a set of Eibach lowering springs, which improved the roadholding with no loss in comfort. Would I buy another one? Well, I'd try the new Aygo and see, but probably would get a bigger car next time for comfort.
  2. I don't think the Aygo is type approved to pull a trailer, and you may invalidate your insurance.
  3. Car looks really well! Any problem with rear tyres rubbing against rear arches?
  4. What brand of reversing camera did you install? You might risk damaging the camera where it is installed, especially if the car is lowered. The lower edge of my rear bumper has scraped off kerbs when reversing into the parking space at work. Of course, if I had a rear view camera it wouldn't have happened!
  5. Didn't take any before photos for comparison, but can post a pic showing wheelarch gaps if you wish.
  6. Finally got my new Eibach lowering springs fitted yesterday with the original shocks. Had them fitted by a local Toyota dealer who gave me a new yaris as a loan car. Nice car, but it didn't do anything for me. Anyway, back to the springs. Had a chance to see the difference this evening on way home from work and what a difference! The car is so much better planted on the road, roundabouts are a totally different experience. I didn't really notice much difference is suspension stiffness between old and new springs. Best €400 I ever spent on a car :D
  7. You guys are wasted here, should be on the stage :D
  8. Well, my springs eventually turned up, so not out of pocket thankfully. No explanation or apology but at least they were found. Now to book the car into my usual Toyota dealer.
  9. I paid for the springs with paypal but the vendor successfully delivered the springs to the specified address, my ParcelMotel address so he can't be held at fault(except for not bothering to tell me when they shipped). I use my credit card to pay for the ParcelMotel service, but not the goods, so I'm goosed.
  10. I ordred a set of Eibach lowering springs on ebay from a crowd called spring-loaded. After there was no confirmation from them that they had processed my order I contacted them and found out they had been sent but they didn't bother to inform me. They were addressed to my ParcelMotel address, which is the Nightline Couriers depot in Antrim and have been received there, but guess what? They can't find them! To make matters worse, I just checked their T&C and their max liability is €100 so I will be €122 out of pocket because of their incompetence! If the vendor had bothered to let me know when they shipped I would have had the chance to follow up earlier. I'll be buying somewhere else next time, and WONT be using Nightline...
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