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  1. Best talk to ROGUE Motorsport - they're really helpful - Roguesystems.co.uk
  2. I agree - awestruck! Can we see the interior please? Kit
  3. I'll be going Jerry It'd be good to meet some of you there Kit
  4. Difficult to find a place for the Sat Nav - I'm so rubbish at finding my way anywhere - here's my solution! I swapped the place of the HU and made a bracket in the 'tray' that was already there. Really don't like the JVC HU it keeps scrolling the 'demo' and is just irritating, does anyone know how to stop this or I'll just get a better one! Thanks
  5. Great fun - got Dream Theatre playing right now on the rock channel - kool, thanks :D
  6. OMG - listening to Marillion at this very moment when I discovered this thread. Prog Rock ROCKS! What is it about Rav owners, are we kool or what?
  7. Jimlad ... All by myslef??? You made my day! (doesn't take much!!)
  8. You're not alone...I'm still here...and loving my Mark 1 Can't believe the power I get from that sweet engine, from around 60-85 awesome! (not that I do 85, of course officer!) :D Need to take it on the track, methinks B)
  9. Hey Lee, I'm confused!!! When can you help me?
  10. ... I'm the only one Well I'm trying to get to 100 posts
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