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  1. Thanks everyone - just my memory going then - you'd think the front (map) light would come on as well with doors open, really.....
  2. You'd think there would be one - but on the one I have, the only switch that there is is to turn on the light manually - it's single position (ie on/off) on the front light, and 2 position (ie on/off/door) on the rear seat light..... Thought it might be something to do with opening / closing the front drivers door a number of times whilst ignition key turned (seem to recall a post somewhere where door codes were used to set certain controls, but can;t remember if it was Toyota or Audi that used that system - partner used to have an Audi A4)
  3. Not sure if I'm going daft or not..... I thought the front interior light used to come on when the front doors opened (2004 RAV4 XT3 D4D)... Now, although the main cabin light above the rear seats comes on, the front light does not. Will illuminate if the manual switch is activated, and as there's only one space for a lamp in the front I assume electrically it's OK. Could I have done anything to stop it working, or am I imagining that it used to come on ? Anyone with a similar vehicle - could you confirm if your front light does come on before I spend ages trying to fix something that is working OK ? Thanks
  4. Hoovie I hadn't thought about using the clock display, but had considered where I could mount a suitable alternative display - have a look at this module on the RS website (or www.cpc.co.uk as well) Lascar EMT 1900 rs stock code:365-6268 http://uk.rs-online.com/web/search/searchB...=3656268#header It uses a 5.5mm single hole to mount - you could use a spare blanking plate from a switch position to mount this module (only 5.5mm thick) - it needs a NTC 10k thermistor - I'm not sure if the standard one in the RAV is correct or not. St Thicket may be able to advise... RS have a complete data sheet on both the above module and the thermistors, even listing all the resistance values from -40 °C to +105 °C. CPC (farnell) also do the same module for about the same price.
  5. Hoovie Just bought some Sony 17cm speakers (they were on special offer over here) as sourcing the Kenwood ones I was looking at was proving difficult (out of stock for over a month). Will let you know what the difficulty of removing the panels is and the max mounting depth etc.. I suspect the Kenwood ones I was looking at might have been too deep anyway.
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    GPS uses up to 12 satellites to triangulate (I seem to recall) and needs around 5 to get an accurate position... it should be able to work out distance taking into account inclines etc and I find is generally far more accurate than in car speedo readings - can't verify distance easily but assuming the unit is on at all times when the car is moving (allowing up to 20/30 seconds for getting a "first fix") the only time it would be out is a lot of distance travelled in car parks, tunnels etc. The data from my head unit (Kenwood DNX-5220BT) seems to be amazingly accurate when travelling towards speed indicators mounted on lamp posts etc in various locations over here - even at low speeds (we have a few in "green lanes" over here in Jersey where the max road limit is 15mph !) Even considering our max limit is 40mph and most roads are 30mph, I'm getting around 32 mph from my 2.0l diesel (currently diesel is around 85p / litre at one forecourt here - and no supermarket "weasel pee" on the Island either).
  7. Just to add my 2p worth... I've also fitted a Kenwood DNX-5220BT (Amazon originally lost mine, but got it from another dealer over here in Jersey instead - although the Amazon price is very good...) I installed the GPS receiver antenna in the same location recommended in the Toyota GPS install guides (see techdocs on Toyota website) - ie in the instrument binnacle (just drop the steering wheel using the adjuster lever and pull off the "silver" surround).. works a treat and is dead easy to route cabling etc as you don't need to remove any trims around the windscreen etc. Reverse signal and handbrake control lines are found on the 5 pin connector (unused on the original head unit) at pins 1 and 5 (see other post under Hoovie's thread on this subject). So no need to route cables to the back or handbrake either... I also mounted the USB lead in a spare switch position blanking plate - (will add photo's later) - easy to plug in a USB drive with MP3s on it etc. Reverse camera mounted next to the number plate lamps on the protrusion on the bumper moulding - only 3 small holes to drill and requires removing the back door interior trim. You need to be very careful removing the bumper if you do this as I broke a couple of mountings and had to epoxy them back on. Managed to get the power lines from the drivers side rear lamp cluster wiring and just had to run one video cable from the rear to the dash location using the same route taken by the wiring loom and washer pipe. Again - instructions for routing these cables are found on various publications on the Techdocs site. The Kenwood unit works a treat (although I have not connected the steering mounted controls either yet for the same reason as Hoovie) - I notice there is also a Connects2 module that is reputed to work with Toyotas and this head unit for around £22 inc connection cable to the head unit. I love the screen display on the Garmin Sat Nav module and have used Parrot bluetooth modules before and found them excellent. Call quality is very good, although it is annoying being unable to access the phonebook on the unit without having the handbrake on. You can insert a switch to 0V (car bodywork) to enable this to be overridden (and this would also allow DVDs to be played whilst driving - definately not recommended as this is illegal) The dual zone function means that if you have headrest mounted screens your back seat passengers can watch a DVD whilst you see the satnav etc. There are quite a few headrest sets with mounted screens available on fleabay for around £100 - may be tempted by a pair of these in the near future. The side panels are available from Toyota dealers and the part numbers can be found on the Toyodiy.com website at the following link http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_E_2004_TOYO...WMNYW_8601.html and just clip onto the standard mounting plates... cost me around £14 as I recall (but no VAT over here) The wiring loom was a simple Toyota - ISO connection lead from Autoparts, which I sourced from CPC (www.cpc.co.uk) but are available from most good Car Audio suppliers and fleabay. I have obtained a spare switch from fleabay (from an earlier RAV4 - the centre diff lock switch) which I'm going to use to override the handbrake at some point - "just in case"... that cost a whopping £5 inc postage - has single pole changeover contacts plus illumination so should be suitable (wire the head unit to the "common" tag then ground the n/o contact and take the handbrake signal to the n/c contact - push in the switch to over-ride) The reverse camera is quite useful, but it takes a bit of time to get used to the view and judge distances - you don't get the "tramlines" you see with factory fitted units.... although you can get graphics overlay units to superimpose these although they're not cheap (around £200?) and I doubt if they "flex" depending on steering position like the factory installed units I've seen. If you're thinking of the Pioneer unit, I've read a few posts elsewhere that it is very slow starting up (windows CE embedded) and it can take up to a minute even to get radio etc). Also seen posts about it crashing (the head unit, not the car) and needing to be re-set by turning off the ignition and re-starting. The Kenwood is very easy to use and the touch screen works well, although I do appreciate a manual volume control rather than on-screen buttons.. much more convenient. Sound quality is good, even with the factory speakers - upgrades on the way - instructions for fitting these can be found on the RAV4World site)
  8. Just to add for those thinking of fitting a (non Toyota) satnav such as the kenwood unit I've got on order and the one Hoovie fitted recently - the five pin connector gives the required signals for the handbrake and reversing input - Pin 1 - H/Brake (pulled to ground when H/Brake on - floating +11.5V from cluster lamp when H/Brake released) Pin 3 - not required (suspected to be GND but not sure) Pin 5 - Reverse Signal (pulled to +12V when in Reverse Gear selected) This avoids having to run cables back to the rear of the vehicle for power from the reversing lamp. You could also switch the H/Brake cable on a 2 way switch to provide GND signal if (for any reason) you needed DVD display whilst driving (not recommended nor legal - probably)
  9. Hoovie I see from your other post re reversing cam that you have just installed a Kenwood DNX5220BT (which I'm just about to do when it arrives from Amazon). You mention that in swapping out the OEM stereo you lose steering controls - Kenwood do make a conversion unit (but I don;t think it's very easy to get hold of). Model no is CAW-TY1290 and details can be found here : http://www.kenwood.eu/products/car/accesso...ote/CAW-TY1290/ It doesn't seem to be easy to find in the UK though (and it's not cheap either at around 69euro from Germany) I've added a rear camera in preparation for the head unit install - I was going to take the reversing feed from the loom in the footwell, but may run the cable back from the rear lights instead if that's what you did (no doubt for a good reason!) - the one I installed was a surface mounted version just next to the number plate lights (and it's not too obtrusive and avoids having to drill a huge hole! - will post a piccy in your other thread. Where did you take the parking brake feed from (or did you ignore that) ? And if you did include it, does it prevent use of the handfrees or navigation when driving ?
  10. Thinking about swapping the bog std Toyota single CD out for a Kenwood DNX5220BT unit (DVD, SatNav, integrated Bluetooth etc). Have only ordered the Toyota side panels so far though ! Have installed reversing camera in prep for the upgrade and not particularly worried about losing OBC display. Will post a few photos tomorrow hopefully (installed an e-bay camera from HongKong just above the numberplate next to the plate lamps as close to the centre of the rear door of my 2004 D-4D as poss) - seems to be a fairly good pic trying it out with a temp in car TV 5" monitor... May upgrade to keeping the steering controls at some point but not looking to do this at first (see if I miss it first as only just moved from an elderly 1995 RAV 3dr without steering controls anyway)
  11. Over here in Jersey (only 9miles x 5miles) where the fuel is (slightly) cheaper the mileage rate from the Govt (I work in Education) is 62.7p/mile ! Seems the Govt gives back sometimes !!!!! Diesel currently around 101.9p/l petrol (95) around 97.9p/l
  12. Just bought (a few weeks ago) a Mar 2004 D-4D from an independant dealer - they replaced the clutch at my request but I only came upon this thread after they'd done the work and I'd bought it. Mileage = 22k I'm getting increasingly concerned about a slight vibration I'm feeling through the steering (esp when turning to corner etc) which seems only to be apparent when moving above 15-20 mph or so. I took it to the Toyota dealer and they did the usual (free) Visual Safety Check shortly after I bought it and I mentioned the slight vibration - they did not seem concerned. However, having driven a Petrol RAV4 since 1995, I'm not sure if this is normal for a diesel or an early sign of DMF failure. No apparent "jingling" noises or throaty exhaust (other than I'd probably expect from a diesel). Car is great other than that, just a bit worried at the mo. Independant sold it with 3 mth warranty - may ask them if I can extend this post the sale. However, if it is going now, at least it should still be within the 5yr period that Toyota seems to be covering these faults under.
  13. Not sure exactly what's different as I don't know the previous spec. But can confirm wheel mounted audio controls and curtain air bags on front (windscreen) columns etc. Am thinking of swapping out the bog std stereo and speakers for a double din DVD/Nav system (probably Kenwood DNX5220BT) and maybe even headrest screens for back seat (although that will be later on) - is it possible to run a mic cable up the front struts for the bluetooth kit or do you think it will be a bit dodgy given the airbags ?
  14. Just changed my June 1995 2.0 Petrol 3dr GX (which I owned from new and covered 103,000 miles - in Jersey therefore mostly at 40mph or below) for a 5dr XT3 reg'd 1 Mar 04. I'm assuming it's a 4.2 facelift (round fog lights etc) but it is still duo tone with what I'd call oyster gold paint and silver wheel arches & side stripe. Just out of interest - I just found my original promotional material (Edition 3 Feb 1995) and price lists, accessory lists etc. From them, they quote RAV as "Recreational Active Vehicle".. to quote from page 5 of the blurb : "The brand new Recreational Active Vehicle from Toyota means serious fun. Based on a totally new concept in 4WD design, the RAV4 has versatility built in. Yes, this stylish trend-setter is as happy in the wilds as it is in the urban jungle." Hope the new one proves to be as much of a pleasure to own as my old faithful... but she was coming to the end, and the next service was going to cost a fortune ! Just hope I don't suffer from the dreaded DMF problem.... only read that post once I'd paid, and according to the Mr T dealer in Jersey they have had a few go even over here.... Keeping everything crossed...
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