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  1. This is my exhaust its a cat back straight through custom built by myself, pipe approx standard diameter 5 inch can with 3.5 inch burnt tip from ebay - went cheap but really pleased with sound and look with the box angled outwards and upwards
  2. toytech80


    1.6 petrol I have a 3.5 inch burnt tip rear section and cat with no centre silencer
  3. toytech80


    Finally taken out my centre silencer highly recommended rear can sound really deep and burble well chuffed
  4. Anyone got any second hand coilovers for sale let me know
  5. toytech80


    I be been using one for 3 months now very slight differance nothing to shout about tho
  6. I had this on going problem traced to rear light seals and clip mounting hole water would run down rear panel and make corner of boot insert wet hence excessive condensation took three attemps to fix ,ended up applying tetrostat to body work ,fault rectified remove boot trims and apply talc powder to panels to show trace of water
  7. toytech80


    I have 17's on my sr and have been looking into tyres as are req soon ,my tyre size is the same 225 45 17 and am thinking of fitting 215 45 17 as they seem to be about a tenner cheaper in most makes ,budget tyres do start at £50 each with out fitting tho.Have had budgets before -never again-!
  8. Hi i would like to hear from anyone who has a sprint booster fitted,how would you rate it is it worth it and how sharp is the actual throttle response thanks
  9. toytech80


    IM thinking of getting some coilovers i woundered if anyone out there can recommend any, i was hoping for a set cheaper than kw's although i know they are tip top im on a budget , would consider secondhand thanks
  10. The car is looking crystal thanks to Meguiars

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