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  1. im just trying this to as i am also having the same prob doh
  2. RED would look best for sure ,but dont paint where the pads sit as it may make the pads stick in the carrier
  3. Has anyone out there fitted bonnet risers/spacers to their auris if so could i see some pics and how raised ,would also be interested in what people think as i may do this with some anodised fittings to mine,think its a bit too old skool although simple cheap and very affective but subtle,and would help with cold air to induction kit so im not too sure think i may carry this out anyway and then decide
  4. quote:Did you have a new back box fitted too?,The rear can replaced the rear silencer,not very loud-the centre silencer is massive hope to get shot when i get a spare pipe section ,but deep i love it quiet on motorways too ,cosmetic pretty much but i was after a sporty note and pleasing to the eye
  5. This is the same prob i came up against the only direct replacment i could find was the trd option ,however mega bucks and i think discontinued,this set up cost me only £60
  6. Nice pic but where the tread gone on your tyre? Hope it's just an optical illusion Yeah i noticed that but is optical illusion
  7. 3.5 burnt tip rear box only.......for now,was going to point it up a bit ,but more involved may change angle at later date
  8. Red-***** query hahaha
  9. really chuffed with the new zorst!

  10. Started fitting up 3.5" burnt tip rear box today photos to follow shortly

  11. finally fitted cruise control!

  12. Is there water in the boot,if so consider rear light gaskets and air vents behind bumper
  13. Cruise control ,Checked ewd all wires present to ecu on vehicle wiring loom ,Tried and tested on my sr,fitted switch and sub loom all functions ok cruise light on dash cancels resumes etc
  14. Grill locates on the bumper plastic pegs and just pushes into place
  15. These tyre pressures were revised by toyota to 36 front 32 rear on the 225's
  16. Thought i'd show off my filter
  17. Wheels are sweet ,but belong on a golf,nice choice tho
  18. Ive not seem any major concerens with the petrols and mines been great although there may be odd small issues like any car,i do not recommend the diesels due to head gasket/carbon stamping issues although if you do get one the toyota warranty will cover the majority
  19. I wouldnt buy any because i tried to brake a rav 4 one once ,it had fallen apart inside so i replaced it at work,do you think i could brake that bugger the hammer just kept bouncing off!! :D
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