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  1. The time has come. We just let the Aygo go. We drive only one car now as my wife doesn't need hers for commuting. Time to say... Good Bye :)
  2. Me and my wife hate the Aygo now as it is so unexciting to drive. But to be honest it takes corners pretty well on those tiny tyres and standard suspension. But it's still a dreadfully slow car. My views on Aygo after 3 years.. ☆ The engine is quite noisy and there is no pull above 30mph.. eventually after a few miles you can get it up to 90mph+. ☆ Brakes are sufficient for the weight of the car. ☆ Interior is spacious for the size of the car, but everything looks so cheap even with leather seats. Cheap rattly plastic everywhere. ☆ The boot is nearly non-existent. You can put a few supermarket bags in it. For a city car it's enough I suppose. ☆ Suspension is not stiff, but a city car doesn't need it. ☆ The paint is rubbish.. it rots quickly if you don't sort the stone chips quickly. ☆ Lights are sufficient. ☆ Air Conditioning is sufficient. ☆ Standard audio is rubbish. But can be sufficient for many. ☆ Parts are cheap and available. ☆ Car is easy to work on if you diy. ☆ Insurance is cheap. ☆ Tax is cheap. ☆ Real fuel economy when driving normally (not like a granny) is around 50mpg combined (don't be fooled by catalogue figure 62mpg, not many achieve that). ☆ Standard tyres when you buy a new Aygo are made of a very soft compound and wear quickly.. the front ones can be bald after 10k miles easily. That's all I remember for now.
  3. Insurance prices are laughable.. The more NCDs I earn the more I pay every year. Insurance companies have become very greedy.
  4. Me and my wife have got both Aygo and slightly modified Astra Mk4 (150-160bhp one, but much lighter than Astra Mk5 1.9) and no way I would trade my Astra for an Aygo. But my Astra is nowhere near as cheap to run as yours (25-30mpg) and still I would pick it over an Aygo anytime. ASTRA PROS: -exciting, fun to drive -economical -spacious -comfortable ASTRA CONS: -expensive tax -expensive insurance AYGO PROS: -economical -cheap on tax -cheap insurance AYGO CONS: -dull, unexciting to drive -it's a half of a car, limited space, serious issue when you have kids -cheaply made and you see(and hear) it straightaway Both cars are fairly reliable and parts availability and cost is good. I prefer to deal with Vauxhall dealers rather than Toyota ones, but that's how it is in my area. I don't visit dealers for repairs anyway (as I do 95% of that by myself) only for parts. The Aygo is my wifes car, and from initial love she hates the car now because it's so unexciting to drive. She loves to drive my car even only for the sake of driving it somewhere. I know that the power and torque can be somewhat addictive and power delivery in 2.2 NA Astra is very enjoyable. I thing a car like Astra 1.9cdti would tick all our boxes even though the standard 150bhp 1.9cdti is probably not as quick as 2.2 (parkers 0-60mph: Astra 2.2 7.9s, Astra 1.9CDTi[150] 8.3s). But I know 1.9cdti is tunable and 200bhp is fairly easily achievable without sacrificing fuel economy.
  5. I'll try to get it from a scrap yard.. you cannot get it cheaper than that. Already painted, and colour matching the rest of the car ;)
  6. A dented wing is quite likely to incurr an excess damage surcharge Are you saying it's better to have it fixed first?
  7. It's in good condition apart from the front wing which has no paint damage, but it has a slight dent.
  8. Aygo is cheaper to run, but as the only family car it's unpractical. The purpose of the Aygo was to be a 2nd car/commuter for my wife. Tiny boot is the pain in the a**. And we need a car for long distance trips (a few a year) as well so we need a big boot. We have one child and are planing to have another one in a year or two. The Astra is in mint condition, it's mine with no finance on it. To me it has more value than money I could get for it (probably roughly could get 3 grand). It's 04 reg and has only 46k miles on the clock and no faults. It's quite special model with factory fitted bodykit, not that easy to find. Aygo has got 22k miles on the clock, it's got some bits and bobs which would need some attention the major one is the front wing is slightly dented as somebody reversed into my wife's car when it was parked (my wife didn't bother to claim on her insurance as it would probably cost £200 to fix if we wanted to) and also one stone chip around the roof just by the windscreen. Mechanically everything is sound. So no real problems with this car either. We don't need 2 cars anymore, and both of them have pros and cons. But as we don't do more than 8k miles a year, fuel economy (Aygo wins here hands down) is not the main factor in our decision.
  9. My wife changed her job recently and doesn't need a car to commute at all (bus pass for the whole month is £60). Her car is on Toyota Finance and she said she was not going to pay the last payment in September (roughly £3200) and just want to get rid of the car. She saved about £2500 so far but now she wants to use it for other purpose (holiday, house decorating, more bags and shoes lol). I think she is already fed up with saving for it, I cannot blame her. Not exactly what we planed but it's just life I suppose. We decided to keep my Astra as the only car. The Astra is not cheap on petrol and tax, but it's a reliable, still low mileage (46k), full size car with 5 seats and big boot and we won't do more than 7-8k miles a year anyway.. Besides it's mine, fully paid and cherished LOL.
  10. If you're not losing your coolant I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. My wife uses either standard BP or Sainsbury's petrol. Both are RON95. But Aygo has a knock sensor so surely can benefit from higher octane petrol. The power will not be a benefit here as 1.0 is not a powerful engine and gains would be less that 1 bhp, and fuel economy theoretically should slightly improve, but probably cost per mile would be still lower on 95 RON pertol.
  12. I must add that my bad experiences are mainly with my local Toyota. There is no other Toyota dealer in my area, I had no problems with local Vauxhall dealers, except their prices are steep too. But I don't go to them when I don't have to. Recently I had a little gremlin to get rid off and they did it within 10 minutes for 15 quid (no parts, just labour) ;) Servicing my cars by myself saves me A LOT OF MONEY!
  13. I don't service my Aygo at the dealers. They offered us some kind of service plan when we were buying our Aygo, but I bluntly told them to [i am so stupid to think that I can overide the swear filter] off. My wife's car had only 1st service at local Sims Toyota Northampton and they were moaning when my wife brought our engine oil to be changed to (fully synthetic 5W-30).. I didn't want their bulk 10W-40 mineral. And in the end they didn't even change oil properly. We had some warranty work done (faulty floor catching accelerator pedal) but that's it. At that visit they also said that front tyre was illegal and offered one to my wife for nearly 70 quid! So my wife rang me from the dealers and I told them myself over the phone that we want only warranty job done, and tyres would be sorted somewhere else. I got 2 front tyres balanced and fitted for 70 quid at local tyre shop. The car is regullary checked and worked by me now. The parts are cheap and car is easy to work on. So far no major things just wear and tear. If you look after your car it will thank you for it. But 99% of customers don't think, or cannot be bothered. They just go to the dealers and pay the price at the end. They don't know what was done to the car or whether it was done at all. The dealers focus their "services" around those oblivious and naive customers. Losing 1% of customers is not a high price to pay when you can rip off the majority.
  14. Lol, you're forgiven 'cos you've got an Aygo.... But I wouldn't mind betting you drive the 3 differently to the Aygo.... ummmmm ..... no ? :!Removed!: Lol,so you don't scoot around in the Aygo and behave like a little old lady in the 3 then??? Hey I saw a BMW today drive into a disability spot in the supermarket car park. Now that's not unusual in itself but do you know what............. A disabled person came out of it!! BMW drivers are mainly mentally disabled, so don't judge them by appearance!
  15. If you are after points then BP is a better choice. Recently I've been buying petrol at BP most of the time. My local Shell upset me a bit when they asked me to remove my helmet when I was buying petrol a few months ago. I haven't bought from them ever since, but I buy from other Shell places, not as often as before. BP is closer. It also makes my wife happy as she likes spending those nectar points. So me buying petrol at BP and her buying it at Sainsbury's seems like a natural choice for both of us.
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