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  1. its does sound as though its from the engine, its only low revs under load other than that its runs normal.
  2. I wonder if someone could help me with the knocking rattle type noise my engine makes when in low revs under load. I've done 50,000 miles, 03 plate, runs well and i've had no problem. it has been getting a little worse over the last few months.
  3. I forgot to mention its done 70,000 miles and still runs great even with this noise.
  4. I have a 1.0 gl which has just started to make a loud rattling noise coming from the auxiliary drive belt side, Its hard to tell but it sounds to be coming from around there. Has anybody had simular problems?
  5. Hi I had bad hopping on my yaris, found it to be a sheared bolt on the air filter box. it kept breaking the seal over the air inlet causing it to hop. It may help.
  6. rutland32

    O2 Sensors

    does anybody know what voltages the in and out o2 sensor voltages should be on a warm engine at tick over? I have a 1.0 Gl Thanks
  7. Hi Can anybody help with an alarm code of P0420 which is described as: Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold. How is this measyred? and which sensor or sensors measure this? I have a Yaris 1.0GL 2000 reg. Thanks
  8. Right I rang round Huddersfield and nobody could help me, I rang toyota and I would have to book the car in for the day and they would charge me £35 + VAT just to plug their unit in. is there anybody who could help? Thanks
  9. well the fault came up again number 94, engine running ok though. has anybody got any ideas appart from going to dealer?
  10. Thanks I have done that and so far it has stayed off. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Hi Thanks for the help, the warning light did blink 9 times then 4, it then repeated it. so there must be an answer. I have searched the net and can't find much info. thanks
  12. Hi There must be soebody out there who can help me, I Know the fault code (94) but I just can't find anything relating to it. I do not trust my dealer so what can I do? Thanks
  13. Hi Could any one please tell me what code 94 on the engine management system is? The car runs fine with no problems at all. The engine is a 1SZ-FE Thanks