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  1. Happy Birthday acidmatt!

  2. will try that, nice one.
  3. hi, can anyone help me? when brought my car. the dealers were doing a special on the subs and rear speaker fitting. so, like a fool, thinking it'd sound ok i had it done. that was 3 months ago and i've already upgraded the rears my problem is that toyota wired the sub up to the front speakers and not the rears so i'm still killing the fronts cos otherwise i cant hear my sub. is there any way i can re-connect it to the rears, take some strain off the fronts???? nice one to anyone who can help
  4. are you going up or down the box when this happens? i've not heard of it in the lower gears but occasionally i have difficulty getting 4th in mine, going down from 5th but i think thats more my driving than the car, ooops :D maybe you aren't dipping the clutch quite enough, i had thus trouble with some dodgy car mats that i brought. maybe its this thats causing the problem.....
  5. acidmatt


    hi i've recently brought a 2003 t-sport but mine doesn't seem to have TRC. it slips quite a lot under heavy acceleration. surely TRC should get rid of this???? i've heaqrd that its selectable on the new corolla t-sport but not sure how true this is....
  6. have you put some new wheels on you motor? they look nice on the pic... have you got a 'zorst for sale? would be interested... nice one
  7. i've been looking around to buy some mods for my t-sport and happened to mail tune a car. they mailed me back saying that they had just finished making a purpose built full exhaust system for it has anyone seen this thing yet???? www.tuneacar.co.uk/ then into the tac exhaust systems, have a look!!!! its a bit pricey but, man i looks like it'd ba worth it. i'm definately having one but gonna talk to them fist, see if you can buy it part by part... laters......
  8. cheers mate , think i'll be gettingone after xmas. was also gonna get the tom's silencer aswell unless anyone recommends another. wanted hks really but can't find one anywhere
  9. Has anyone tried the blitz ind. kit for the yaris? does it come with the airflow sensor adapter? and is it easy to fit or should i get it done professionally? thanx.....
  10. hi, i think the SR 1.3 would be a very good choice for you. i've recently traded up to the t-sport but my sr was one of the most fun cars i've ever drove , never had any trouble with it and it went like F:censor: :censor:K hehehe. in fact, i was more impressed with the way that drove to my t-sport when i got it. go for it, you won't be dissappointed.....
  11. hi, '53 plate yaris T-sport std (upto now) age/gender - 29/male insurer - dial direct premium - £539 full comp + extras £150 excess NCD - 9yrs these insurers i've been with have steadily increased there prices to me over the years but looks like i'm heading elsewhere from what you's have been paying....
  12. nice one for that , was just wondering if anyone had hears of this problem? thankfuly its sorted now and i can start looking to mod this little rocket up :D
  13. hi, i've recently upgraded my old 1.3 sr yaris to the lovely t-sport. now at first sight of it i was well pleased but as i've had it now for about 6 weeks, its started to cut out :ffs: under engine breaking. my toyota dealers are baffled by it and haven't come across it before. they've changed the throttle body with the pot. inside and it seems to have fixed it. i was wondering if anyone else had heard of this? was also looking to get anew exhuast sys. and ind. kit if anyone knows of a reputable dealers somewhwere??? nice one....
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