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  1. Happy Birthday snorkers!

  2. Following the statement by IAM about drivers exceeding the 30mph limit because they're in the "wrong gear" i.e. 4th, I though it would be interesting to find out how people drive their Yaris. So are you are 3rd or 4th gear person at 30mph? I'll admit to being mostly 4th gear but I try to stick to somewhere between 29 and 31mph. Mine is a 1.3 CDX :hokus-pokus:
  3. snorkers

    Yaris Queries

    I'm a newbie here and I've only just found your post. Did you ever get to find out what was causing the noise? I get the same thing on my 52 CDX 1.3. According to my Toyota garage, they reckon it's the motor for the power steering starting up?!?
  4. don't forget mine.... CDX 1.3 52 reg Island Green :hokus-pokus: