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  1. I can't remember off the top of my head which one, but if you have the Compressor ECU you should also have the wiring harness which connects from the supercharger to an existing loom in the car. It's all detailed in the installation guide. Like commented on earlier here your mapping will be off depending on what position your switch is in. Get rid of the switch and install the proper harness. About the ac...have you ensured that you have got the right amount of coolant gas back into the system and vacuumed it properly? If memory serves it takes around half a liter of gas in it's liquid form.
  2. Hey, Thought I'd save myself from inventing the wheel again and get some tips for a solution. I'm converting my PFL TS to a FL front with the TTE front bumper. Had a go at trial fitting the facelift headlamps today and immediately spotted an issue. The brackets holding the headlamp and bumper in place for the facelift doesn't fit on the pre-facelift front member. hmmm....not good. The standard pre-face lift brackets don't fit the facelift headlamps without modification. If you've done the same conversion, how did you solve the fastening of the brackets and have ya got pictures?! :)
  3. That's one sweeeeet looking Rolla you got there! :)
  4. Anybody know if these are customized headlamps or purchased ready made?
  5. And you need new brackets for the front bumper as well. The brackets that the lights and bumper slide in on are not the same on FL and PFL. I now because I just bought some.. ;)
  6. yeah yeah...bring it on, let me have it...no way to dodge that bullet haha I had myself a true Homer moment there! DOH!
  7. sweet!! :) thanks waaaaaaaait a minute...stop the freakin' train! I just googled that PN and came out on the other end feeling like the biggest idiot you could possibly imagine. Guess what hit I got in Google on that partnumber....a link to MY OWN site...haha I totally forgot that I have the TTE front bumper manual and have uploaded it to my site...(kicking myself in the @ss...)
  8. hmm.....we have tried the badge from the 1,6 facelift and from the sedan facelift. Neither fits. Are you saying that the badge on the normal T-Sport facelift bumper has a bigger badge than the front bumper on a facelift non t-Sport? If so, then it would make sense. We haven't tried that option. I assumed that the front bumper was identical on the two. I'll give Parts King a shout and hear if he can hook me up with the correct one like he did with Smoftah. Digging up a chassis or plate number on a facelift T-sport over here is not that easy as there were only sold 25 T-Sports all together, of which maybe 5 were facelifts... Thanks for the suggestions! Got me a step closer at least :)
  9. Well...it's been 4 months now and my local Mr. T still hasn't been able to order me the correct badge for my TTE front bumper. I've gotten partnumbers from TTE that I've tried to order and Mr. T has also tried to order for me, but I still haven't got the right badge. Our latest effort was the badge for a new Corolla sedan, but that was just a close fit. Does anybody have the correct partnumber for the grillbadge on the TTE facelift front bumper. It's the badge supposed to sit in the green circle that I am after.
  10. hey supra 25 where u get ur TWM short shift, and how much, do u still got the link. from ur comment, it seems to be a vry good mod This is a bit off topic, so I hope Szuti forgives me... I like the TWM very much. I had to modified it slightly in order to fit (no biggy), but it's great. You can get it here: http://www.twmperformance.com/ If you want more info please start another thread, send me a PM or e-mail me! :)
  11. 225/35/18 is probably the best 18" size to get. Less change of rubbing and rolldiameter is about spot in in relation to the speedo. One thing that has to be added into the picture here is the offset of the rims. Too much offset will increase the risk of rubbing regardless of width.
  12. I bought a 2003 PFL in April of 2008. It looked like this: Then I decided to turn it into Norways only Corolla compressor: Then last year some more stuff happened on the outside and it now looks like this: Except for the bonnet which looks like this now: Before summer comes it will have the following fitted: TTE front bumper TTE Coilover kit Sparco front strut brace "Compressor" Sideskirts Facelift headlights TRC Tuning mirrors OZ Racing Chrono HT 18" Sparco seats ...and possibly a big brake kit Eventually I will do something with the colorscheme as well, but that is for next winter...
  13. Hey Kangzy, Hmmm...any change you could get them to accept norwegian prices..?!?!? :P
  14. Quick update. I bought the wheels. Having them picked up tomorrow. It turned out that the add was wrong, and they are in fact 7" width with ET42. So it's perfect. Got them for the equivalent of £520 including adapters. That's a great price over here as they are NIB.
  15. *lol*...funny...cheated my @ss ;) What do you mean match the looks...haven't you seen my new hood ?! Besides...there is more stuff going on as far as looks are concerned before we hit summer :D Actually...I just thought of a potential hinder in this rolling thing. The front bumper goes quite a bit up on the arch, as does the rear bumper. rolling the arches might cause alignment issues as well as a funny looking result. I'm afraid the look just wouldn't turn out consistent. yeah...the PS images look great. Those were actually the reason why I started looking at the Rota wheels at one point.
  16. Yes, I do have the TTE coilovers...still sitting in the trunk of my car! :D Plan is to drop it around the 30-35mm mark as I don't wanna loose all ride comfort. Hmm...damn...got something to think about now. Gotta make up my mind by lunch tomorrow. Don't know anybody with the gear to roll the arches, so I would have to have it done somewhere and I have no idea on the cost. Guess I need to make some phone calls tomorrow..
  17. Dude....don't be putting ideas in my head... They would have to come out just shy of an inch and that's quite a bit. I got enough projects to finish before summer as is
  18. Yeah...that looks about the same as my winter wheels. There is a 13mm difference from a 7"/40mm to 8"/40mm and I don't think that will look very nice or be very practical.... :( bummer...cuz the price was really good.
  19. I think my current 18"'s are that as well...either 7 or 7.5" wide with 40 offset, but I'm abroad for work and can't check. So if they are 7" with 40mm offset and currently almost flush with the wing, then 8" and 40mm is just too much. Got a good pic lying around on how far your 7"/40mm stick out?
  20. Hey, Got 4 spankin' new OZ Chrono HT wheels lined up at a really good price, but I'm a bit worried about the offset. The wheels are 18" big, 8" wide and have an offset of 40mm. I fear that it will bring the edges of the wheels too far out and that a 30mm offset or 7" width would be more suitable. Unfortuntely I won't know unless I spend the money and try them on the car, at which point it is too late and just a lot of hassle for nothing. So...have anybody tried this combo on a Corolla??
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