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  1. Well, TOC, It's the last half of my junior year and well its almost over, in two months. I'm allowed to start my senior project during the summer however, the problem is its an engine SWAP and hahaha, funny me i never got the engine. I'm getting a really cheap 92 celica engine from pick and pull, and well I dont know alot on swaping an engine, never did it before. This may sound stupid but im putting it into a 92 toyota tercel, but hopefully you dont laugh at me that hard ;) anyway, what are the main stuff will i need to disassemble the celica engine from the pick and pull dismantler? Like what specific tool and stuff should i make sure i bring? For this project how much should i save, and is this 92 celica engine a good idea or should i get a better year? And if there is anything else i should know about the dismantler and/or the swap, i figured that celica owners know there car very well and know how and what i need for the swap. :bookworm: please tell me. thanks very much Hoswa
  2. Hey TOC for the past three to four months this place has given me alot of info and help that i needed. thanks guys n girls. Any way yeah i own a 92 tercel.. still i have questions that i hope can be answered here. Can 95-98 tercel spark plugs fit on to my car "92"? Is it street legal if i made my own headers for the car, no huh? can celica mirrors fit? thats about it. thanks agian toc. Hoswa
  3. Where can I get some After market 92 Tercel engine parts? Or do they evein make stuff for it anymore, or ever? Should i just custimize my own headers because thats what i really want most of all thanks TOC!!
  4. Not litres, Gallons, so are you saying even one gallon should be more than enough right? So ill be coo with one gallon because it sells it in gallons.
  5. Hi i want to know for just a hood and a roof of a car will two gallons be enough or just one? I have the same question for clear coat also. thanks TOC Josh
  6. Hello, I want to know where i can get some toyota tercel performance stuff. Like where can i get headers! Should i just make the damn thing. i have a cosmo intake :) big PLUS HUH!!!!.... well I'm doing an engine swap my senior year but I want to see what i can do with my stock engine. can you just tell me what my car can get like sites for tercel PaRtS or even if other toyota model parts can fit... thanks T.O. HoSwa
  7. Hey toc my old screen name is gone :cacker: but its ok...... well my friend made a turbo kit that was custom from a mitsubishi eclipse and he made it to where it fits b16 on a honda crx... well im basically lost on this and i might do the same thing... only if its safe.. i have a BEYOND CRAPPY 3EFE engine if thats right.. crapyest tercel engine... and i was going to do the same thing with a mitsubishi like him or any other turbo. can you tell me and set me straight if its smart to do this cause if its dumb well ill stop and wont do it but if its an alright idea can i get some tips and help on how and what i should do and use to do it. thanks very much.
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