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  1. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Maybe it's the angle of the photo, it's as low as it could go , small gap between the reverse lift ring and knob but none of the shaft was showing. Is your's a 6spd same as mine ? Yes could just be the angle though the shaft is still showing a little on mine. Did it take alot of effort to put it or fairly easy? yep same as yours 6spd Was easy, simple screw on type
  2. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Maybe it's the angle of the photo, it's as low as it could go , small gap between the reverse lift ring and knob but none of the shaft was showing. Is your's a 6spd same as mine ?
  3. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Hi P34RC3, I picked up the knob when I was in Japan, I still haven't seen this one advertised anywhere else as yet.. I'm selling the knob (still like new) and the TRD garnish but i'm in Australia so shipping would be pricey to the UK unfortunately .. Feel free to PM me if interested ;)
  4. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    It's this one which I bought in Japan,nice and weighty at 340g Thanks man, yes a company in Australia "Pedders Suspension" coils are very similar to the BC coil overs
  5. It's a PPE resin, very strong and flexible.. I have a new one but the backing of the double sided tape has been removed which makes it difficult to pack and ship, but I have replaced tape on one I had before..it's a very dark gunmetal colour
  6. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Thanks, yeah gone back to original airbox, felt sluggish down low but mid range did improve, heat wasn't as bad as I expected though.. Handling is awesome, like a fat go kart :D It's pretty low and coils are set fairly hard and loving that feel.. What it lacks on the straights it makes up for on the bends..Also picked up a pair of TRD performance dampers but not fitted as yet. New TRD wing fitted and new wheels, pics coming soon..
  7. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Back again ;) Some new additions JDM Toyota premium horns TRD interior panel set TRD front sway bar Modellista rear muffler and Weapon R headers More to come, hope you like :)
  8. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Few more pics with rim colour change, BBS sold and a whole new look coming soon Last pic of it looking like this......
  9. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Now it looks like this TTE rear wing BBS LM(reps) 18x8 +40
  10. JVN11L

    My 08 Auris

    Wow I have been gone for ages,thought I would revive my thread with heaps of pics... I had some mods come and go so here is the run down followed by pics :) TRD front spoiler Modellista front garnish Rota GT3 17x7.5 +40 were black then bronze Custom KMac rear sway bar and Pedders coilovers and C-One front strut brace Takeda SRI Facelift headunit, red LED interior light
  11. Here is mine from Australia,we never got the 3 door here :( Sold it a year ago and now have a Auris and yes i miss it.. 91 GTi 100kw 4age. TVIS ended here with AE82.. Had 365000 km on her and never had a spanner touch the motor and never blew an ounce of smoke.. Regular service and was bullet proof.. Had many makeovers though so here's just a few of them..
  12. You wont find these on ebay, they are genuine Toyota JDM I have them on mine.. Part No: 08611-12610 side visor set But they are a set of 4.. Here are mine
  13. Hey Alex, i've seen this before and iam sure they are 19"
  14. Well said. Euro design and Jap built. Toyota is Toyota all round the world. They do the research,they do the sums and they dont take risks. Whitegoods on wheels cos they know thy're on a good thing so why take risks.At the end of the day they still a business.. I wouldnt tell someone to not buy one cos i put a scratch on the dash.Its a Toyota,reliability and longevity, its the peoples car and not a trophy.. :)
  15. Thanks but thats not the ad but same bar,same photo is used though.. Tick worldwide in its AUS :)
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