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  1. I'm looking for an SW20 thats being broken down for spares, anyone know of any going? Also have another question which i'm sure i've asked before but i really need an answer this time how do you replace a knackered rear wing? i've been told the rear wings welded to the chassis and is a difficult procedure so what should i do?
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    Unfortunately my Mr2 is in a bit of a state an it needs some drastic work, new door front and back wing, radiator, front bumper. What i need is for someone to explain how the rear wing of my mk2 is attached, where it begins and ends, and how to fit a new one, diagrams of any sort would be a marvellous help. i also need to know where would be the best place to buy all these parts, cash paid for reasonable prices.
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    Need Help!

    THE WORST HAPPENED...I CRASHED MY 2!!! NOOO! Anyways no use whinging about need to get it repaired, however i live in france and as the mk1 or 2 mr2 wasnt sold in france they have no idea what the cars about so im buying the parts in england and bringing them over the problem is the rear wing (passenger side) where does it begin and where does it end? how does it come off? does anyone have any diagrams of how the wing is attached? also is the strip that runs underneath the door between the two wheels has been pushed in and needs replacing, what part is that and how is that fitted too. If nobody here has any diagrams or info, do you know where i can get some from? Any help would be much appreciated. heers. james
  4. Does anyone know if the rear shocks on a mk2 turbo will fit on a n/a?
  5. the actual original hairdressers car for which the term was invented, was the ford escort cabriolet and i was brought up in essex where a LOT of people have ford escort cabriolets so i know. ive had my "2" Called a hairdressers car by someone who owned a mondeo, and then a mk1 mr2 which has done a 150,000miles and has no knowledge of mr2's what so ever, but i got my own back when i p***d all over him on the motorway and i reminded him of his nick name at 6th form which an ex spread about him (captain cumquick) he he he! revenge is soo sweet.
  6. lol yeah im tempted to have one of those south african alarms fitted so if she tries to borrow the car again flames shoot out the side, but i think that would cause problems in or relationship.
  7. i have but i havent got 160 quid at the mo, ive just spent a packet puttin the car through a service, hence me seeing if anyone's got one a bit cheaper. otherwise id get one off rev 6
  8. Does anyone have a front splitter or spoiler that they want to sell? I dont mind if it's a standard stock one or a fancy one as long as its in good nick and reasonably priced as the gf hit a high pavement whilst driving my car and broke it in half. :ffs:
  9. lol ah man they blocked out my words! what happened to feedom of speech? throw my a friggin bone here! <_<
  10. how easy is it to take apart the inside of the doors, or to put some new speakers in them i havent had a look yet just thought id ask on here anyways. im gonna try and put in some new alpine components, what size can i fit in? and will i have to take apart the bit with the tweeter in too? is it fairly simple or a *****? no that that matters cos im gonna do it either way cheers jimbo
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    Sub Question...

    jimad how much were you quoted all in for the boxes?
  12. those seats jimlad, what are they like again? are they all cloth or leather? if they're leather and in good nick i'll have em.
  13. or maybe he had a bet with his mates that he could post thousands of posts about random **** and get away with it. lol only joking jimlad,
  14. im thinking of taking my induction kit off and having a rethink about it, it came with the car when i bought it but it looks like whoever did it was a right cowboy and im worried it could be more of a problem then a help. if you're gonna put one on, invest in a good quality one made specifically for your car (n /a or turbo) and make sure someone fits it who has done them before on mr2's.