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  1. we have it 11 total, 9 that going and 5 on that track that day
  2. she still don't hawe driving licence so she can't drive this car of mine more here or here soon will be some change on machine
  3. me in action: my girlfrined:
  4. yeap, me and my friend Zax who profesionally drive drift in ae86 and s14 try to handle but car is so easy to spin now we will have time to try different setup to handle this beast in beck is to light, rear springs is 8kg/cm2 and koni yellow is on 90% hard and big spacers make this car so easy to go in drift and easy to spin or to get back, wery hard to keep in drift and handle it
  5. long time there was no update from me... red top no tvis small port engine is inside now brake lines, brake discs and pads now lether on stering wheel complete new exhaut system from 2-1, front silencer, ower diff line and rear silencer and H4 Hi/Low HID 8k kelvin kit, work great
  6. It is quite urgent to get this info, for 2.0 D4D in Rav, Corolla etc the Garrett T3/4 is model of turbo, what is for 3.0 D-4D LC120 or what other will fit??
  7. tnx friends... I practice allmost evrey moment I get free 4 it, bat I work 2 much so cars are only my passion for small free time... for AE86 second engine will be soon finished, the racing one... more soon... for MR2 TRD2000GT project after allmost 1 year of seting we connected PerfectPower SMT7 ECU management and destroyed power amplifier of coil for sparc plugs, so I ordered new stronger one... means 2 much job on cars 2 less time for practice of drift.. On next year we starts here localy drift competition, it will be good, here we hawe good drivers, I think some of them knows you from drift forums etc.... good luck with new engine... my plain is when I finished this 2 beauties ( E12 I will not touch it will remain stopck car ) 2 buy Supra MKIV 3.0 TT and start to bulid monster....
  8. so small rice upgrade: fg door panels..
  9. still beter this one that have roll cage than this other beuty: Hachie is build for drift on mauntains, here we have local maountain for snow race
  10. update: steal brake and clutch lines spacers f 30mm r 40mm uper wiev and final:
  11. KYB AGX short stroke from SW20 painted inside, Ferrari Testarosa red Two tone red/black panda style Two new seats and racing harnes Front Coil overs, inside AGX set on 25%, filled with Mobil1 S 10W-50 oil for cooling
  12. CBY Crystal Body Yokohama fender flares side skirts
  13. Late AE92 Red Top, small port, non T-VIS engine from ZaX Engine rebulid gasket set, piston rings etc.... Synqron 10W-50 engine oil High Performance 80W-90 gear oil High Performance 85W-140 LSD oil
  14. QA1 delirium coil overs front QA1 8kg/cm front springs short 8kg/cm spring rear red T3 chamber plates Rol Center Adjuster Toyo Team sticker 10mm silicon sparc plug vires and Iridium plugs
  15. all you need is engine, transmition, ecu and harnes... and someone to connect all
  16. I allredy measured dimensions of trinagles to cut it down and melded in, just tommor I'm going on sea side so it will wait my ends of vacation..... Allso I hava full room of parts to be put on like T3 camber plates, Coil over kit, springs 8 kg/mm, KYB AGX shoks, Roll Center Adjuster, strut bars, completly new Red Top, small port, non TVIS, MAP, latest 4AGE produced for AE92 Swiss market and ECU to rebulid all and put in... So till winter there is lot to do
  17. actually you are half right, some 6 of us owners of AE86 in Croatia ordered one HEIGO cage and give it to local exhaust manifacturer to copy it. He have aluminised steal profile pipes and he just make it, so it is clear to see that he producing exhausts bytipe of cornering he made
  18. continue with Red Dragon: all side and central channal is filled with urethane foam and cage is finished
  19. you mean like this engine: end engine bay like this: some pf thermal color spray for block and hoses and head and lot of work
  20. To make it stronger many spots was spot-welded !Removed! counting spots I counted wather drops from me.. Using expansion polyurethane foam in all frame structures, I so that !Removed! like to do this... Cage in progress, pics tooken by mobile phone: Rear tail lamps, like new, after polished with paper and polishe for LCD displays: And new seats inc 3points racing harnes:
  21. Lets start about Red Dragon: as I bought it month ago inside First I took all from inside Then remove insulation from floor, beck etc.
  22. well now in Croatia we hawe more new Ferrari Modenas F1, McLaren SLR and Maybachs, new M5, M3, then we even don't look at SL, ML, Brabus etc. sindrom of postcomunisam... here is my other old car it is some 11 years old also I hawe new Corolla E12 1.6 VVTi and this red one hachie is mine...
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