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  1. Holy thread resurrection, This may be a final post for myself. The Yaris has gone ( it was my wife's car ), it would have gone much earlier but its replacement was delayed in manufacturing. A number of faults with the Yaris soured the ownership experience. The inability of the service department at Stonearce should be an alarm call for Toyota UK. My wife was seriously under impressed with the quality of some of the interior materials. The wear in the time she owned it does not bode well for long term ownership. However she loved the performance and the economy. So ends decades of Toyota ownership. It started with a Carina for me and a MR2 for Maureen. It ended this weekend. I wish all forums members well, drive safe.
  2. Hi all, for those that have asked the Yaris ( my wife’s car ) is going in for a Honda HRV Hybrid. The car was ordered about 3 weeks ago and is due in the dealership March 14th .That’s a firm date. As this is my wife’s car I will make the following comments on her behalf. The interior of the Honda is more upmarket, the materials are better. She likes the addition rear passenger space, plus other stuff 😊 The comparison she makes is a Yaris excel ( panoramic roof ) light upholstery. The Honda is the advance style which is again the top of the model range. So it’s almost like for like. The Yaris has a very firm ride as Toyota lower the tyre profile the higher you go up the model range. The smaller alloy bigger profile tyre models do have a more compliant ride. Honda have chosen to give all the HRV models the same wheel/tyre size, only the style of the alloy varies. The ride is more suitable to our needs. Maureen test drove the Yaris cross and we both liked the ride quality. ( the demo was on the larger profile tyre ) The interior quality unfortunately was the same. Toyota have chosen to put all the extra space into the boot area so rear passengers fair no better in the cross than they do in the Yaris . Maureen really likes a digital number read out of speed, only the base Yaris cross offers that. Move 1 grade up and the Speedo is a needle that sweeps throughout the range and is in both our opinions difficult to read. There is no menu option to swap this. Before anyone complains this is not a like for like comparison, there is a price difference. When we looked at the Yaris cross the deal offered was rather poor. The px values of the current Yaris was way below what the big online “we buy your car” offered. In the end the Honda garage gave us just shy of £2000 more and this was fixed even thought they were unsure of the delivery date at the time of signing. I also offered as a px to the Toyota garage an Aygo bought from them in 2012 1 owner 64000 miles. Was offered £1500 but only on the top of the range cross. In the end I actually used we buy any car and got over £2000. About 2 weeks later it was up for sale in a local garage for Over £3000. You wait 4 working days with we buy any car to get your money in the bank. It was an easy transaction. They never drove the car just a visual check ! The Yaris was a great car, really nippy and the best mpg we have ever achieved. It seems to us that the interior was a cost cutting exercise and the £ went into the drive train. Our experience was soured by the inability of the Toyota garage to resolve our noise problem and the quality of the interior materials. The dealership experience was really poor. So it was a combination of things that moved us to the Honda HRV. For the first time since 1985 there isn’t a Toyota on our drive. Balance things up a bit. My daughter has a RAV4 hybrid and she loves it. No problems with the car. But same dealership and woeful experience with pdi and hand over in the rain. All you readers take care and best wishes. Steve
  3. I’ve made a couple of posts on this thread. So it’s just an update. My wife’s Yaris hybrid 2020 model still has this annoying fault of emitting a high frequency noise when the engine is charging the battery as indicated by the onboard screen. The local dealership have failed to resolve it and won’t escalate it to further to Toyota. As a retired electronics engineer I have heard identical sounds from equipment suffering over voltage then just burning out. We did this on prototype circuits to see how we could destroy them. As I said in my last post she was looking at alternative hybrids and today we both test drove one and have agreed a deal. So in the next few weeks the Yaris goes, and this will probably be my last visit to the forum. Drive safe Steve
  4. Whilst this doesn't solve your problem the information may be of use to you. On Tuesday I sold my Aygo it was a 2012 model so key wise it may differ. I sold it with the master key and 1 slave. I lost the other slave 😞 The car was bought new and came with 3 keys. 1 key is the master key and this is the one copies are made from. The master fob part is slightly smaller than the other 2 keys because it does not have the lock/unlock remote buttons. I wish you success in your search. Steve
  5. My original post (page 1 & 2) I think was in response to Satsuki’s problem. The elusive noise was finally heard by the top Toyota technician at the branch. They have failed to find the source and despite a request at the 1st service failed to rectify the issue. In fact the service manager has given up replying to emails from me. Since the dealership was acquired by stoneacre the level of customer service has dropped a lot. My wife who uses the car mostly is rather disappointed with the quality of some of the materials used in the cabin, and we can see wear issues already. We have been looking at other manufacturers hybrid models and in the next 2 weeks should have a deal in place. To balance out this post the Yaris has many good points, excellent mpg, handling are amongst them. But my dealings with the local stonearce franchise is most certainly negative. My RAV4 hybrid 2020, was without fault thankfully. But even the PDI on that car was very poor. This car has now gone to one of the big “ we buy your car” type organisations for a very good price. Dealership experience is a big part of ownership and I shall be sad to cut my association with Toyota. I bought my first Toyota in 1990 a carina and since then have had far too many 😊 of their cars RAV4 ( x4) MR2 ( x 3) Yaris ( x3) Aygo (x1) It seems my time on this forum will be ending shortly , it has been an excellent source of information and members willing to help each other out. Steve
  6. That’s a useful bit of information on the city pack. I was looking at that as a add on option. But now realise it will result in the head unit being downgraded. Not a clever combination and probably one that some sales staff will not be aware of.
  7. Michelin flip flops are a remedy, at least for the rich folk down south.
  8. I suffer from tinnitus. You should seek the services of an audiologist. Your condition may be unique.
  9. First car was 1966 beetle. Speedo, fuel gauge that was it. The screen wash was powered by the air from the spare tyre. That tyre sat in a well at the front of the car and was a magnet for rust. Heater supplied air from the engine. The flaps rusted and mine did so in the open position. Had to stick socks in them to block the heat. No fun in the summer. But it was my first car 😘 6 volt system, the lights were really useless. Almost forgot crossply tyres, yes I could drift that car on a roundabout. Nothing to do with power, lack of grip from those terrible tyres. ABS was a term I hadn’t heard of.
  10. Spoke with my dealership today. Excel in silver, pan roof and city pack. February 2022.
  11. With the shortage of new car stock I would be surprised that any manufacturer reduces prices. I base that statement on recent press, and my daughters attempt to order a new VW T-ROC. She was quoted next year around February. Her friend has had a BMW X3 on order for some time. Due in November. That has been put back 6 months. Car prices are silly at the moment WBAC have offered my wife £19805 for her Yaris, it’s 1 year old on Thursday and she paid £22,000 for it. Despite those remarks I was in my local Toyota dealership today dropping off my wife’s car for its first service. There was plenty new stock in the pound.
  12. That will be useful when renewal time comes around. I am always tolerant of someone having a bad day. But when every contact you make is hard work then I will take my business to another dealer.
  13. I would be interested in which dealers you are referring to as I live close by. We have had about 7 Toyota's most new and from Toyota Wearside. They have been acquired by the Stoneacre group and have set new standards on how to make life difficult for customers. In the past I have had excellent service from the same dealership ( different owners) but now its well below what it should be. I bought 2 new cars from them last year so my experience is up to date. I had 1 car serviced last month and that was not an easy experience. My RAV's first service in a few weeks time has been an epic in the making. Centralised call centre that doesn't answer the phone and staff who don't answer emails. Including senior staff who go on holiday and don't activate the "out of office/on holiday" response. The experience I had of the sales staff was fine. The rest was rather poor. The valeting department standards deserve particular mention when the word Poor is used. To make a balance I found my dealings with the local Honda garage excellent, had a CRV before the RAV. The Audi dealership ( my wife's TT) front of house service staff had superiority issues. Next year I will change my RAV and would like a better experience.
  14. Spoke with the service department. They are not unduly concerned. They said if the fault was of a serious nature it would be on the dash permanent. As the car drives normally and is due for its first service in September I’m quite happy to leave it. Yesterday I had a prostate examination and it was not good outcome. So the car problem means nothing now.
  15. That’s my thought, hopefully a bit pushing in the right direction might get a result. As a balanced view on reliability, my wife’s 10 months old Yaris has had 3 hybrid faults. The diagnosis of the garage was inconclusive and we cannot simulate the fault. on delivery the drivers door need a hearty shove for it to close. Why wasn’t that spotted on the pre delivery inspection ? So 4 faults in 10 months on a new car. Is the VW t-roc going to be any better or worse. 😏
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