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  1. Hi Philip, Thanks for that additional info. I just assumed ( incorrectly ) that the low fuel warning display remained until you refilled. Lesson learnt.
  2. Thanks for the info. Phillips 7.25 and Frostie's 8.3L sound right to me. 1.6 and 1.8 imperial gallons for us oldies. I thought the deletion of the range left was a bit of poor software writing. But when I think back to the Honda CR-V that was my previous car it had a similar quirk. If you had a warning from the TPMS ( tyre pressure ) that to would dominate the dash and useful information was never to be seen till you corrected the tyre pressures. Perhaps its the way they do things in Japan. Running out of fuel is to be avoided, bad in a petrol car. Possible disaster in diesel ca
  3. Hi, the fuel low warning light came on the other day. That’s the first time it’s been illuminated. I drove about 15 miles before refilling. Does anybody know the fuel remaining quantity in the tank when the warning comes on. Alternatively what’s the farthest you have driven with the light on. When the low fuel light is on I lost some information that would have been of use to me. The range to go was the important one. Whilst the owners manual may give me some info it’s some actual users knowledge I’m after. Thanks
  4. Whilst this won’t be of any help to you it’s shows how random faults can fool you. My wife had a Audi TT. I changed the air filter at a service and when I went to start the car I got a warning there was an issue with the 4 wheel drive system. Bugger I thought, what have I done . Well you had to disconnect the MAF electrical connector to remove the air box cover. I hadn’t reconnected it. Put it back and all was well. So whats the relationship between an air filter and a 4 wheel drive system ? None that I know of. Hope you get your issue sorted.
  5. I posted on the 3rd feb in reply to the original poster. My wife’s Yaris had this issue with me driving and my wife in the passenger seat. No fault codes, nothing to see. I got mixed feed back from the dealer. Depends on who you speak with. Statistically the problem experienced by forum members warrants Toyota interest. Rather than the dealerships attitude. This fault has never replicated itself. My wife’s Yaris still has an issue ( mentioned in another post by myself) with an intermittent high frequency sound produced under certain conditions. As it’s intermittent and they
  6. Just an update. Still awaiting a suitable time to make an appointment. As for the pedestrian audible warning device. As I have a RAV4 hybrid I know what that sounds like and know where the device that produces the sound is located. In fact there is You tube videos showing how to dampen the noise level sound anyone wish to do so. For those that have suggested this as a cause of my issue my reply is not a chance. The sound source is from the Media display area and you can only produce it at certain times. Will update again when something positive happens.
  7. Update on this issue. The service manager and myself have agreed that the best option would be for me to drive and for a technician to accompany me. That way I could ensure that the noise heard was indeed the one I was concerned about. With the covid restrictions this isn't possible and we agreed to wait till accompanied test drives were possible. It now seems the vehicle has decided not to make the noise. So I shall leave it till the service dept get back in touch with me. Hopefully it will never happen again. Foot note. The Yaris has been through its first winter. The mpg
  8. I managed to get some video of the issue for the benefit of myself and the dealer. The recording was made on my phone (my wife did it). Just to make it clear the noise is made when a steady speed is held. I picked 30 mph with cruise engaged, the engine providing drive to the wheels and energy to the battery. These conditions produce the noise. Not every time but most times. The audio quality was my main aim. Thats why I did 30mph so road noise didn't swamp the phones mic. I would have gone down to 20mph for even better audio but the local traffic stopped that idea. In my college day
  9. Have spoken with the dealer and await their response. Just to make it clear the noise is most certainly associated with the way the power is being routed from the engine. it’s not a wind noise. Immediately the EV mode is selected by the engine the noise stops. The closest analogy I can make is it’s like a transformer hum but at a high frequency. Bit like the hum of an eddy current on grid step down transformer. I was told it may be a dash rattle, loose wire ? Something in the glove box. I have owned a few fiat’s (3 from new) I well know what dash board noises are. The dealer s
  10. Points duly noted. My RAV4 doesn't exhibit the same trait so I expect it to be a fault. Off to the dealers then. Will report back.
  11. This question is about the latest version of the Hybrid Yaris. Under certain conditions the car makes a high pitched whine, not all that loud but noticeable. It occurs when being driven and the energy display on the centre screen shows power going from the engine to the battery and wheels. It disappears immediately if the car goes to EV mode. My wife who has normal hearing can hear it. I wear hearing aids and it sounds like feed back in my ears. The source of the noise would seem to be the dash area. The radio and other audio functions were off at the times of hearing the noise.
  12. I might as well get a suitable ob2 reader. We have 2 hybrids so I can see it getting some use.
  13. Thanks, my other forum has an “ EDIT” at the foot of the post, it also has a time limit on making alterations. Not so obvious here
  14. scar


    Thanks for the info folks.
  15. I would have liked to amended my post but there seems to be no edit facility. After a rethink the car didn't drive fine at the time all the alarms were going off. I remember 2 things, 1st, the steering was behaving like lane departure was inputting to the steering wheel. 2nd was the power steering assist level altered, it went from almost none assisted to normal a few times. This may be the "misbehaving" characteristic you experienced. It would seem we both experienced the same fault. Despite my years of engineering experience and enough certificates to paper a room turning
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