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  1. Just a update. Took delivery today, as a temp measure took my power supply from the usb in the arm rest. I need a camera that profiles the screen shape. It will be neater than my present set up. Very pleased with the fuel consumption.
  2. Yes hard wiring is the best solution. But I don't pick the car up till next week. So I cannot check things out, such as is there a suitable fuse take off point. I have searched all media forum that I can. It seems that there is 2 usb sockets in the arm rest. Perhaps rated at 2.1 amps. As for where the professionals would take their power supply from I don't know. But it wouldn't be the arm rest. My guess is a piggy back fuse ( but which fuse ? and then the cover may not fit ) Watched videos but each one has used a different power source. As for getting the Garage to fit a cam before its delivered, well I have 2 good dash cams. My wife like the reassurance of seeing a live screen showing its on. I saved my self some ear ache trying to explain just because the screen image is live it doesn't mean the image is being recorded onto the SD card. I did like the next base 380GW on sale at the garage. More compact than mine. £250 fitted. I thought that was just a OK price, nothing exceptional seeing I am getting a new car from them. Thanks
  3. On a 2020 Excel is there any power supply in the arm rest ? If yes what type. My Honda CR-V has a cigarette lighter socket, HDMi socket and a couple of usb sockets. Plus more power sockets in front of the gear lever. I don't get my car for 10 days and can only look at the brochure. All I see in front of the gear selector is a USB and a cigarette light socket. I don't know if the USB is for the media system or a power supply. On my Honda the USB sockets are really for the media system. Reason for asking is that I power my dash cam from the cigarette lighter socket in the arm rest. Would be nice to do the same on the RAV. How have others permanently powered there dash cams. Thanks
  4. Didn't think was going to get a reply 😀 Thanks to Bwh and Devon Aygo that info will be useful. New car reaches dealer on Friday 3rd July, pick up Tuesday 6th.
  5. Please excuse me tagging on 2 questions to this thread but you will see the reason. 1, I pick my new RAV4 up around the 1st July. How can I tell if the software/maps installed are the latest. 2. Regarding map orientation. Does it come set ? and can it easily be owner altered. Thanks
  6. Thanks to those that replied to my questions. I decided on an Excel 2WD with grey leather and a sunroof. Ordered it today. Delivery early July. Having had the MK 1,2,3,and 4 Rav this will be my first 2wd version. There was over £2000 difference between the 2WD and 4WD. It was a case of more toys (excel trim) or 4WD and Design trim. The CR-V had a similar price difference between its drive train options. Both cars were great to drive and I would have been happy with either. In the end the spec options and the price decided it. My petrol CRV which has been absolutely faultless and will be my trade in. Had it 4 years and rate it highly. I will not miss the 33 mpg around town.
  7. Hi All, I test drove a CR-V hybrid and the RAV4 hybrid today. Both great cars. I have 2 questions and hope you readers can help me out. 1. Can you confiquire the display to show your speed in numbers. ( The Honda CR-V has this) My wife finds this a handy feature. It leaves you in no doubt as to your speed. 2. There is a substantial price difference between 4WD and 2WD is it worth it. I live in town and my driving is urban style. Thanks in anticipation
  8. I thought my daughter was heavy on the brakes 30,000 miles for her. New pads fitted and lots left on the disc thickness. Yes the pads are easy to fit. Why not check you disc thickness while you in there, the min size is on the rotor.
  9. scar

    road test report

    As we have decided to keep the Aygo I treated it to a new set of mats. The original mats ( 48,000 miles ) had a few marks and the drivers heel had almost worn through. So I lavishly spent £30 on a new set. The engine received a treat in the way of an oil change. Now we all know its safe to mix different grades of oil. So having some Castrol 5w30 fully synthetic LL left over. I decided to add some 0w20 to it again fully synthetic. So by volume I recon I had 2.5w25. I have done a full petrol tank and when brimmed gave 62.5 mpg up from 60.1 mpg on the previous tank. The weather I think takes most credit but perhaps the drop in viscosity has aided the mpg. The car is driven equally by myself and my wife. We are happy to keep the Aygo and look forward to a few more years use from her yet.
  10. scar

    road test report

    Eygo, We are just leaving it for awhile. The Aygo is in good condition and really sits in that sweet spot were you know it will need nothing for a long time. I am more inclined to replace our CR-V when the next crop of Hybrid SUV's appear at the end of the year.
  11. scar

    road test report

    Well I managed to get my wife to drive a VW Up to compare it with the Aygo. I thought it might help make her mind up. Well it did, sort of. We have decided to keep the 2012 Aygo. 🙄 Fo those interested it was the 60bhp Up. The beats edition which has a much nicer interior than the standard model. She thought the exterior was boxy ( read horrible ) the performance was flat. Plus side was the suspension, and general ride quality. The PCP deal on offer from VW was superior to that offered by Toyota. I used the Toyota dealer that I have bought multiple cars from yet they did me no favours. Saying that I travelled 20 miles to another and they were no better. To sum up the Aygo was the car we would choose. The deals on offer for both cash and PCP meant the VW had the advantage, by a clear margin. Not really impressed by the efforts of my local Toyota dealer.
  12. scar

    road test report

    frosty, that was my impression of both cars I drove, more of a cosmetic upgrade. The sales staff mentioned improvements in the engine. I had read of these prior to the test drive. The difference is so small it would take exceptional sensitivity of the driver to decern the difference. Choices, choices and making decisions ..... Get the dice out !
  13. scar

    road test report

    Hi, I have been considering replacing my 2012 fire with the latest model ( July 2018 on ). I test drove it today and drove the previous model 3 days ago. Naturally they were a big improvement over my 2012 model. My initial verdict is the 2014-2018 was a real big step forward from my Aygo. The difference between the outgoing and incoming Aygo is much less apparent. I am after reading or watching a review of the latest Aygo. I have tried searching but found nothing. Can anybody point me in the direction of the review I seek. thanks Steve
  14. scar

    Water leaks resolved.

    Thanks Frosty, I've being doing a bit home work. The 2014 models onward (2nd generation ?) would I thought gone some way to sorting the water leak problems. Toyota have had plenty time to redesign the offending parts and hopefully would have incorporated them into the 2014 2nd gen. update. Comments by owners of those 2014 onward cars welcomed. Even if its just to say "mine doesn't leak" Steve
  15. Hi paulie b, sorry about the late reply. My daughter has just insured the Aygo, she's 31. 2 named drivers 63 and 68yrs old. 13 years NCB. SDP use £250 excess, 5k PA, with LV. A extra 5% of as we have house insurance with them. Best quote was just under £200. LV get excellent reviews, UK call centres. Saying that if you do it online its cheaper, the call centre told me that. So I did it online. Good luck with your search.